Simple Rules of Thumb for Investing

Simple Rules of Thumb for Investing. Perhaps less well known than Markowitz's modern portfolio theory (MPT) is the subsequent work of Merton and Samuelson. This is a shame because while MPT only concerns itself with optimizing investing in a single time period,

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Investing in Retirement with Floor and Upside Utility

(3 days ago) When investing the goal should be to maximize expected utility, not consumption. An example will make this clear. Would you rather consume a guaranteed $30k for a year, or a 50/50 chance of consuming either $10k or $90k? $10k is way too little to live on. And $90k would add little to your happiness beyond what $30k provides.

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Actuarially fair SPIA and DIA price calculator

(9 days ago) Quotes need not be actuarially fair. Costs, including sales, marketing, administrative, and bond default costs, profit margins, and taxes all reduce the Money's Worth Ratio (MWR). On the other hand the MWR may increase as a result of insurance companies investing premiums in …

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