Guides to Annuity Investing & Retirement Planning

Guides. The following guides cover a variety of retirement planning and annuity-related topics. All of these guides have been written exclusively for Annuity FYI and many include reputable outside resources where additional information can be found. These guides were written to address commonly asked questions.

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Taxes to Investing: A Kid's Guide to Money

(7 days ago) Taxes to Investing: A Kid’s Guide to Money. We see money being used everyday just about everywhere. It is important because it helps our society to function by buying goods and services. In the very old days, people didn’t have the kind of money we do today. Originally, they would barter or trade.

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Compare Annuities by Investment Strategy & Asset

(1 days ago) 9 rows · When comparing asset allocation models from different companies, look at the historical returns of …

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Investment Strategies for Rising Rates

(5 days ago) Sean Hughes, a financial advisor with Hughes-Dern Financial Group in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, says that creating a bond ladder may help older investors hedge against interest rate risk. This strategy involves investing in different bonds with different maturity dates, allowing …

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Guide: Personal Finance for Teens

(3 days ago) Investing. Investing is an important part of building wealth. You can begin investing as soon as you make money. One easy way to do this is by opening an IRA. You may want to take an investing class or follow stocks for a few months to learn how the stock market works.

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A Q&A with a Highly Seasoned Annuity Investor

(8 days ago) Starting in my late 40s, I became a more serious investor. I started investing in non-retirement stock and bond index funds. Later, I got involved with investment advisors at places like Merrill Lynch and Wells Fargo Advisors and started investing in some new and different things.

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Retirement Variable Annuities

(1 days ago) However, on a net return basis variable annuity sub-accounts tend to outperform the mutual funds after which they were modeled when investing a majority of the fund in equities. (Source: Lipper Analytical, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and Fidelity Investments — contact Annuity FYI for the complete reports). This is due to the fact that the

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Are Annuities Right for Investors Over 85

(2 days ago) In this tutorial, we will look at the appropriateness of fixed, immediate, and variable annuities for investors 85+ with four typical goals in mind: providing income, capital preservation, capital appreciation, and protecting the investment for heirs. For the sake of comparison, we will use an 85-year-old male investing $100,000.

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About Our History

(6 days ago) was founded in November of 2000 with the purpose of helping investors learn about, compare and select the most competitive annuities. “Our mission is to seek out the very best annuities and annuity riders among the thousands of products in the marketplace, thus giving investors the expert resources necessary to make an informed

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What is an Immediate Annuity

(5 days ago) In an immediate annuity, the investor begins to receive payments immediately upon investing or at a predetermined date in the future. This is for investors that need immediate income from their annuity. When you purchase an immediate annuity you can choose between payments for a …

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Don’t Sell Because the Stock Market is Weakening

(2 days ago) A haircut of even 1% a year adds up big time over a lifetime of investing. If you invest $5,000 a year for 40 years and earn a 6.5% annualized return, this totals nearly $880,000. If you invest the same amount over the same period but earn only 5.5%, it generates $680,000 – or 23% less.

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Choose Passive Over Active Stock Fund Management

(4 days ago) Debates have raged for decades about the relative advantages and disadvantages of active stock fund investing versus passive investing. While interesting, however, it has always been relatively inconclusive. That is, until now, at least in the eyes of the majority of investors.

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Learn about Guaranteed Account Value annuity benefits

(4 days ago) However, GAVs can be appropriate in some specific circumstances, such as investors who know they will need access to their money in 5-10 years, want to benefit from market upside, but want to ensure that their investment does not lose money — for example, an investor who is investing for a child’s future college tuition, or to purchase a home.

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Retirement Calculator

(3 days ago) Equity Investing. I am willing to take the risks associated with stocks in order to earn a potential return greater than the rate of inflation. 8. Knowledge of Risk. I consider myself knowledgeable about the risks and potential returns associated with investing in stocks and other types of securities.

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Annuity FYI Product Alerts

(1 days ago) Less venturesome investors also have the option of investing solely in the S&P 500, starting with a 6% cap, or in a guaranteed fixed rate starting at 2.35%. Investors can withdraw 10% of their principal penalty-free annually and also make withdrawals without penalty for nursing home or confined care needs.

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Fee-for-Rate Growth FIAs Have Begun Strutting Their Stuff

(1 days ago) Prospective investors have the option of investing as little as $20,000 in RetireVantage 10. The participation rate is lower but still a respectable 145%. The concept of fee-for-rate is not altogether new. Athene, among other annuity purveyors, has offered these in the past.

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Prepare Yourself: Volatility is Back, Probably

(9 days ago) Remember that volatility is a normal part of investing, triggered by a wide assortment of events. Offsetting this unpleasantness is the fact that the stock market over time has always been the best financial investment. Astute investors learn to enjoy the ride – at least over time – by …

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