Biometrics in Banking and Financial Service Industry

Biometrics is a technology powered method of personal identification that leverages unique biological patterns on and in human body. These irregular and asymmetric patterns are found in iris and retina inside eyes, fingerprints, vein pattern beneath the skin, facial pattern, DNA sequence, voice print, gait, typing rhythm, etc. Irregularities in formation of these patterns make them good enough

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Workforce Management Meets Biometrics

(5 days ago) Stake holders often show reluctance in investing money in something which is already being done by other methods, no matter how inefficient they can be. A quick demonstration and return on investment study can solve this problem. Many vendors of time and attendance systems offer online tools to make a quick return on investment calculation.

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Covid-19: Contactless Biometrics Demand Increases

(6 days ago) If you already have touch-based biometric infrastructure in place, which have been working just fine, investing on sanitizers and decontaminates will be a wiser decision. A simple hand-wash or use of sanitizer after the biometric scan can save your employees from catching the …

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Biometrics to Improve Customer Service in Online Banking

(8 days ago) Retailers are also keen on investing in e-commerce platforms as compared to traditional in-store IT system upgrades because they anticipate rise in sales from mobile and online shoppers. Therefore online banking is reshaping the financial services ecosystem and more consumers are using their mobile devices for payment-related transactions as

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How to Properly Use a Fingerprint Scanner

(9 days ago) Investing on a good quality scanner is always a good idea specially if there are high expectations for security, accuracy and efficiency. Good quality scanners may be more expensive than low-end offerings, but they use good quality sensors, electronic components and material that results in improved performance, speed and accuracy.

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12 Most Favored Biometric Update Articles of 2018

(9 days ago) Denis Gibbs. Biometric News, Guest Blog. According to a new market analysis report, the biometric systems market was valued at 13.89 billion US Dollar. What’s more amazing is the fact that it is expected to reach the mark of 41.80 billion US Dollar by 2023. No doubt 2018 has been a busy year of market expansion for the biometrics and advanced

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Biometric Authentication Software for Web Applications

(8 days ago) Biometric authentication software makes implementation process manageable so that the implementer or programmer can concentrate their efforts on objectives rather than investing time in developing the functionality from the scratch.

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Problems with Current Security Systems You Should Know

(1 days ago) At internet front as well, corporations are investing in network security. In year 2017, multiple incidents of ransomware WannaCry left word stunned. This information security incident affected computers and servers of several government organizations as well as business outfits. Operations halted for days and organization suffered losses and

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Smart Home Security: Does Biometrics Make It Any Smarter

(1 days ago) Smart home security is a security arrangement, in which technology is leveraged to monitor your premises and alert you in case of unfavourable incidents like trespassing, fire, etc. Smart home security is laid by placing different sensors, detectors and setting alarms for incidents like window breaking, unusual movements, fire, etc.

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How Face Recognition Applications Are Going to Take over

(7 days ago) Increasing numbers of online shoppers and big brands investing in online channels have made it hard for retail stores to stay profitable and they are now looking at technology to propose a solution. Fortunately, face recognition offers all the help retail stores need to stay competitive. Most stores already have surveillance cameras for

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Biometric Technologies Improve Manufacturing Safety

(9 days ago) Modern manufacturing plants are already beginning to equip their employees with this technology, investing in Industry 4.0 solutions to empower and protect their teams. Biometrics is just one of the incredible new solutions that can work alongside things like AI, robotics, and machine learning to make employees more effective in the workplace.

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Biometrics in Improving Governance in Schools

(3 days ago) Companies, Governmental Institutions, Educational Institutions across the board are investing time and money in Biometric technology in order to make their environment safer and more reliable. Depending upon their needs, companies can choose from a wide variety of Biometric technologies available, which include Fingerprint Readers, Iris Scanners, Palm Readers, Facial Recognition, and Voice and

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Facial Biometrics for Work at Home and Workplace Security

(1 days ago) Facial biometrics surveillance. Facial biometrics remains unrivalled in the area of security surveillance and it is used around the globe by law enforcement and intelligence agencies to handle local crimes as well as national security. Facial recognition can be introduced on already installed surveillance cameras at …

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Terrorism: Brutal Tool of Disguised Motives

(7 days ago) When a trust is build, and more and more people start investing, fraudsters collect as much as they can, and flee. In September 2008, one of the biggest U.S. investment bank Lehman Brothers filed bankruptcy and the world’s largest insurance company, AIG collapsed, seeking a bailout of $85 billion. Sequence of events triggered a global

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Facial Recognition for Biometric Mass Surveillance

(4 days ago) Mass surveillance has become a necessity for the countries across the globe and they are investing heavily to gather intelligence and ensure security. Terrorism, social unrest, national security, etc. are often the reasons cited in favour of mass surveillance.

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Danny Thakkar, Author at Bayometric

(8 days ago) Live Scan. Print to FD-258 Card – Background Check; SWFT Applicant System; FBI Fingerprinting – Live Scan; NFA Fingerprinting – Live Scan; SWFT+ Compatible Devices

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