You’re a New FSO: Now What

can also provide key support for your security program; for example, by investing in training opportunities for employees and providing resources necessary to maintain a successful security program. You should also develop an alliance with you company's Information Systems Personnel. You

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Predicting Human Behavior

(5 days ago)Investing in big data is easy, but using it is hard. … I study and I advise companies on the patterns of how people use technology, and one of my interest areas is data. So why is having more data not helping us make better decisions, especially for companies who have all these resources to invest in these big data systems?” Watch the video

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(2 days ago) investing in user education, providing frequent refreshers to influence behavior, employing separation of duties, signing acceptable use policies, displaying warning banners, and displaying frequent pop-up reminders. CDSE offers training, posters, videos, games, and access to policy guidance to improve and promote organizational and individual

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