A Guide to Investing for Beginners— Your Path to …

A Guide to Investing for Beginners— Your Path to Financial Freedom. Dave Ahern June 19, 2021 0 comments. Guides for Investors, Investing 101. “Investing is the process of laying out money now to receive more money in the future.”. Warren Buffett. Most people think they need thousands or millions of dollars to start investing.

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IFB218: How to Get Started Investing When the Market

(3 days ago) Welcome to the Investing for Beginners podcast. In today’s show, we discuss: How to deal with getting started investing with the possibility of a stock market downturn, along with using dollar-cost averaging to help balance your investments. How to invest using closed-ended funds How to look at companies with high dividends and decide how sustainable …

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Value Investing for Beginners Guide: Books, Principles

(1 days ago) Value investing was a concept that was established by Benjamin Graham and David Dodd who were professors at Columbia Business School. The following two books are a great introduction to value investing. The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham is a book that many value investors read cover to cover. It has all the information necessary for a

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Investing 101: A Full List of 25 INSANELY

(6 days ago) Investing 101: Full List of 25 INSANELY ? VALUABLE ? Articles/ Guides. The following is a list of our most influential posts and guides in the Investing 101 category. We hope you’ll find these lessons to be incredibly valuable and most importantly, take action on what you learn to create wealth in your life.

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Investing Glossary

(4 days ago) Investing Glossary. Andrew Sather August 13, 2013. Bottom line – refers to the bottom line of a company’s income statement, which is net earnings. Dividend – a part of company earnings paid back to shareholders. Usually paid every quarter, or once a year. Read more about how to double your money with dividends. Earnings – a company’s

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I’m Ready to Invest

(4 days ago) So now that you have determined if you want to invest in stocks or ETFs and you have described your investing style, it’s time to determine what stocks to buy! I really think that you can break this down into two concrete steps: 1 – Company Discovery. Honestly, this is the hardest part of trying to find a good stock to buy.

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Can You Get Rich Only by Sector Investing

(7 days ago) Investing in an ETF will bring you stability as you’re investing in many different companies rather than one company. If you invested in a company and it went bankrupt, you lost your investment. If you had invested in an ETF, that investment would drop slightly but you’d still have a majority of your investment.

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Penny Stock Investing: 5 Rules (Guide)

(7 days ago) Penny stock investing draws a wide lure because they prey on the common human emotion of greed. The chance of “making it big” seems so much greater in penny stocks because you are starting so small. The definition of penny stocks is any stock that is trading at less than $5, and often even less than $1.

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Investing, Finance, and Money Memes that are Actually

(3 days ago) Investing, Finance, and Money Memes that are Actually Funny or Useful. Andrew Sather February 15, 2019 0 comments. Building Wealth, Personal Finance. These finance, stock market, investing, and money memes that you see here have been posted on the Investing for Beginners Facebook Page that I run. I recommend liking/ following that page to get

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Investing in a Duopoly Market

(5 days ago) Investing in a company that’s a duopoly is something that you need to just be aware of as there are pros and cons. A major pro is that the company is in the Top 2 of only 2 main competitors. They have a huge market share. They are likely going to be a very consistent investment that’s going to hold its value and slowly be able to increase

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Why It’s Important to Continue Investing in You

(8 days ago) Investing in you gets absolutely no easier after having children either. I used to get up at 6 AM to go to the gym four days a week, now the thought of missing any sleep I can get makes me sick. Bottom line is, don’t forget about the most important person, you! We all have something in our life that relies on us or needs our help, but we must

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How It's Possible to Begin Investing With No Money

(1 days ago) Here is my suggestion if you want to start investing with no money. Once you decide to start investing, start a simulator account and begin making fictitious trades, but treat it as your own money. As soon as you start the simulator, start sitting back money each week. It doesn’t matter if it’s only $5 a week, start sitting it in a separate

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IFB46: Back to the Basics Pt 4: Investing 101 and Compound

(4 days ago) Investing is going to be something that’s the long term that you’re consistently making a habit and that when you reach financial freedom, the idea is that you’ll still be invested. But you’ll be able to draw from your nest egg, as a lot of …

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The Best Way to Invest in Insurance Companies

(1 days ago) Insurers start investing insurance premiums as soon as they are collected and continue to earn interest or other income on them until claims are paid out.” In short, a float is the money that an insurance company gets to hold between the time customers pay premiums, and the time customers make claims on their policies.

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IFB24: Examples of Everyday People Who Became Millionaire

(7 days ago) You know investing in solid, steady companies and reinvesting the dividends, looking for those companies that are going to be growing and have great balance sheets, and great cash flow. Good, high-quality businesses and a lot of times boring businesses. The companies that we were just talking about aren’t exciting, aren’t sexy, and this is

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The Top Down Investing Strategy – Key Statistics to Follow

(4 days ago) Using Top Down Investing in Stock Analysis. Pitfall #1: Recency Bias. Pitfall #2: Underestimating Powerful Businesses. Pitfall #3: Overoptimistic Research Reports. A Top Down, Bottom Up Hybrid Approach. Example: Taking Top Down Macro Data. Key Statistics to Follow. Each of the introductory topics and pitfalls really help understand the hybrid

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'Super 6' List of Deep Value Investing Thought Leaders

(9 days ago) Deep value investing is a kind of value investing that really puts the emphasis on the price of a stock compared to its intrinsic value. These quotes by some great leaders in the space highlight why deep value investing tends to work so well, as its contrarian nature goes against the irrational emotions of the market.

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"I Don’t Get It – Why is Investing Important

(7 days ago) You see, investing is the BEST Compound Interest Example that anyone can use to get on their way to financial freedom. The best way to explain compound interest is that the earlier you invest; the more interest you’ll earn on top of interest you’ve already earned. Let me explain with a very, very basic example.

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How to Apply Scuttlebutt Investing as an Average Investor

(9 days ago) Investing 101, Investing Strategies I’ll admit that I didn’t see the power of the scuttlebutt investing idea the first time I read it, probably seven years ago or so. Today, however, I think aspects of Philip Fisher’s chapter on “scuttlebutt” should be applied to every single stock you ever research.

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100 Baggers: What Are They, Where Can I Find Them (With

(2 days ago) Investing 101, Investing Strategies Peter Lynch first used the term “10-bagger” to describe stocks multiplied in value tenfold, or 10 to 1. In his fantastic book, 100 Baggers, Christopher Mayer, portfolio manager and co-founder of Woodlock House Family Capital, extended the idea to discuss stocks that 100 to 1.

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How to Calculate the Cost of Debt

(1 days ago) Investing 101 (212) Books and Resources (44) Guides for Investors (83) Investing Strategies (82) Understanding Crypto (3) Personal Finance (159) Budgeting (39) Building Wealth (59) The Language of Money (62) Podcast Show Notes (240) Full Episode Guides (99) Guest Interviews (45) Listener Q&A (96) Ratios for Stocks (156) Companies/ …

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Building A Portfolio with ETFs: A Beginners Guide

(1 days ago) Successful investing doesn’t have to be complicated; the most important factor is to find a method and strategy that works for you. Whether that be picking individual stocks or building a portfolio with ETFs. The growth in ETFs (exchange-traded funds) since their introduction in the 1990s has exploded across the investing universe. Since the first …

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There are Several 401k Alternatives Available to You

(9 days ago) If investing in the stock market catches your fancy, I certainly recommend opening a brokerage account and contributing some money. Invest how you please and plan on using the money for later in life. It’s always best to invest and let the money sit. However, if you are truly trying to plan a full retirement, this likely isn’t your best option.

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What Negative Net Income Means for a Company; Number of

(5 days ago) A Guide to Investing for Beginners— Your Path to Financial Freedom; NEGATIVE PE RATIO – What to Do? When to Sell Your Stocks – Cutting Losses and Taking Profits; 20 INCREDIBLY Eye-Opening Investing Truths for 20 YEAR Olds ? 8 Top Investing Books to Read If You Are Just Getting Started in the Market

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Markowitz Portfolio Theory Explained: What Creates Higher

(2 days ago) This is a similar concept that you’ll see in many great books about investing and stocks, and while not a profound statement it’s still worth mentioning. “Not only does the E-V hypothesis imply diversification, it implies the ‘right kind’ of diversification for the ‘right reason’.”

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The Intelligent Investor: Is it Outdated

(1 days ago) The Intelligent Investor, written by Benjamin Graham, a former Columbia Business School professor, and first published in 1949, was destined to influence Buffett and became the investing manual that sparked the value investing school. “Intelligent investment is more a matter of mental approach than it is of technique,” writes Graham.

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3 Ways to Estimate Total Addressable Market (TAM

(5 days ago) According to McKinsey, the global TAM (total addressable market) for the payments industry is $4.6 trillion. The U.S. payments market expects to reach $236.1 billion by 2028, from the current level of $68 billion. Many investors or analysts estimate or calculate the total addressable market of the industry they analyze to understand better the market …

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How to Use Reinvestment Rate to Project Growth for Valuation

(8 days ago) The working capital changes from the operating cash flows and net capital investments come from investing cash flows. Both sections flow back and forth from the balance sheet, which drives Microsoft’s assets and liabilities, which drives revenues.

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What the Value Trap Indicator Is and What It Is Not. By

(Just Now) Long Term Value Investing. The flip side of deep value is the “margin of safety” concept. For a long term investor looking to let a company compound their capital and grow over time, this means having a “margin of safety” on how you think that company will grow.

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Is Value Investing DEAD

(Just Now) With growth investing absolutely destroying the market lately, people are wondering if value investing is dead. After all, the post-internet economy is much different than the pre-internet, value “hey days”. Just look at the biggest and most popular stocks—Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Google… and don’t forget Amazon and Microsoft. All of those have several …

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Defensive Investors: Rules from the Classic Book, The

(Just Now) Benjamin Graham, in the 14 th chapter of the Intelligent Investor, outlines his seven criteria for defensive investors.The Intelligent Investor, considered by many to be the must-read book on investing, discusses value investing ideas.. Graham outlines his ideas regarding finding undervalued or out of favor stocks and buying them with a margin of safety in the book.

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The 7 Types of Capital Allocation and What They Mean for

(9 days ago) The once tried, and true idea of spending on upkeep of warehouses or factories is being replaced by upgrading software systems or investing in new computers. A great practice is to look at each industry or segment you are analyzing, determine what seems to be relatively average for the industry, and determine whether your company is spending

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Graham Number: Classic Screener for Defensive Investors

(4 days ago) The Graham number is the upper bound of the price range that a defensive investor should pay for the stock. According to the theory, any stock price below the Graham number is considered undervalued and thus worth investing in .”. In general, the Graham number is a conservative way to value a company quite conservatively.

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How Compounding Dividends Make the "Secret Sauce" of the

(7 days ago) The sweetest source of returns in the stock market are compounding dividends. To generate serious wealth from investing, you need compound interest; and dividends provide you with the best of it. To understand this magic, you must understand the power of compound interest. Compound interest causes money to multiply. It’s like a tree. Notice how …

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IFB43: Back to the Basics Pt 1: The Anatomy of Stocks and

(3 days ago) Dave: Welcome to Investing for Beginners podcast, this is episode 43.Andrew and I are going to be talking about some beginning stuff. As my baseball coach used to say it’s all about the basics and we used to drill it into our heads every single week, but it works it helped us a lot we were a good team, and we won a lot of games, and so it was awesome.

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[Unpopular Opinion]: 4 ETF Disadvantages To Consider

(3 days ago) There’s no denying that ETFs, or Exchange Traded Funds, have revolutionized the world of investing and made it cheaper, easier, and safer than before. While the advantages of ETFs are many, there are also some sinister disadvantages to ETFs which can creep up on unsuspecting investors. ETFs are essentially baskets of stocks. One popular ETF …

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ROIC Analysis: Value Destruction From Growth and Other

(5 days ago) Neither company has to reinvest much, which is great obviously, but the advantage to the high ROIC company is less when growth is small than when growth is big. In other words, at 5% growth the companies had this much in FCF (after reinvestment): 30% ROIC = $1.00 – $0.17 = $0.83. 10% ROIC = $1.00 – $0.50 = $0.50.

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What’s a Good Portfolio Turnover Ratio for the Average

(3 days ago) Investing 101, Investing Strategies Portfolio turnover refers to the frequency of buys and sells in an investment portfolio. In general, a lower portfolio turnover ratio is better, if you are buying stocks to invest in good businesses over the long term.

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Why Do Companies Repurchase Shares

(Just Now) Investing 101 (211) Books and Resources (44) Guides for Investors (83) Investing Strategies (81) Understanding Crypto (3) Personal Finance (159) Budgeting (39) Building Wealth (59) The Language of Money (62) Podcast Show Notes (240) Full Episode Guides (99) Guest Interviews (45) Listener Q&A (96) Ratios for Stocks (156) Companies/ …

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Non-Cash Working Capital: A Critical Component of

(5 days ago) Working capital is one of the engines that drives a business to profitability and growth. It is the combination of current assets and current liabilities that the company uses for short-term needs. But the combination includes cash items such as short-term cash, which is not working capital. Working capital is a critical component of valuation, …

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What a Good Debt to Asset Ratio Is; How to Calculate It

(Just Now) Now taking the numbers from NextEra Energy Partners balance sheet, we can calculate the debt to asset ratio: Debt to asset ratio = (12 + 3,376) / 12,562 = 0.2697. The ratio tells us that NextEra funds their assets with 26.97% of the debt, which compared to a few competitors: Brookfield Energy Partners (BEP) – 0.37.

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Interpreting the Statement of Cash Flows: Operating

(3 days ago) Interpreting the Statement of Cash Flows: Operating, Investing, and Financing. A lot of critical information can be learned from the statement of cash flows. As cash flows to shareholders are what investing is all about, being able to understand all the great information provided by the cash flow statement is very valuable stuff to investors.

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