Investing in the era of COVID-19

Retail investing to slow as stimulus is wound back. Over three-quarters of panellists (76%) believe that the winding back of stimulus will have some impact on retail investing

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Compare investment products and grow your wealth finder

(7 days ago) Finder Investing Report Finder's Investing Report 2021 discusses what this year has in store for shares, property, micro-investing and superannuation. Access the report here.

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Compare investment accounts: Find the best rates in

(Just Now) Rather than buying shares for capital growth or investing into a high interest fund, forex traders speculate on the future price movements of international currency pairs. For this reason, forex

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Australia's best share trading platforms (2021) Finder

(1 days ago) Stake is a great choice for total beginners thanks to its easy-to-use platform, low fees and low minimal investing. With Stake, you can only trade US stocks, but it's a nice starter for new

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How to invest in the Kuniko Limited IPO Finder

(1 days ago) How to invest in the Kuniko Limited IPO. To invest in an IPO, you'll typically need to be registered with a participating broker or lead manager. This can be tricky for regular investors because

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How and where to buy gold in Australia (2021) Finder

(1 days ago) Investing in physical gold. This is the traditional approach and involves buying gold as a physical asset and owning it yourself. It allows you to get your hands on a tangible asset and avoid the

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Robo-advice comparison Automate your investments

(7 days ago) There are 10 investment strategies available and InvestSMART’s fees range from 0.67% to 0.97% a year, depending on the amount you invest. …

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ASX cannabis stocks (listed) and how to invest

(1 days ago) Stop saving and start investing. Get news and tips on stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, superannuation and more. Delivered right to your inbox. Sign me up!

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The 10 best personal finance books Finder

(3 days ago) The authors look at critical issues in stock market investing, contribute advice on how (if at all) history can predict future equity returns, and the importance of influence of emerging markets

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Top lego sets with up to 3,593% ROI

(9 days ago) Strategies for Lego investing 1. Be prepared to wait. The famous Taj Mahal Lego set may fetch over US$4,500 today, but it was released almost 10 years ago for a …

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How to invest in the Dow Jones from Australia Finder

(5 days ago) Investing in Dow Jones stocks. The alternative way to invest in the Dow Jones is to buy stocks in the listed companies directly. You could choose to buy one share in …

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Fixed income investments 2021: Compare Australian funds

(Just Now) Investing directly in the bond market typically requires a high minimum investment of around $500,000. Those looking to invest less can buy units …

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How to invest money to make money – starting with $1,000

(7 days ago) The $1,000 mark is a milestone for anyone wanting to start investing. But should you buy shares, keep it in the bank or top up your super

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Portfolio diversification: Tips for new investors

(1 days ago) Investing in fixed income can reduce your overall portfolio returns but it will also reduce the overall risk and volatility. So it is a good hedging solution against market uncertainty.

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How to buy ETFs in Australia (2021) For beginners finder

(6 days ago) By investing in ETFs, you can easily create a diversified portfolio and spread your investment across a wide range of asset classes, including …

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How to invest in the Li-S Energy IPO Finder

(7 days ago) Battery development and research company Li-S Energy is set to list soon on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), which means that you'll be able to buy company shares. Li-S Energy had looked

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Stake app review: Trade US stocks with $0 brokerage Finder

(1 days ago) Fractional investing Instead of buying individuals shares, you can invest smaller dollar amounts (minimum $10). For example, if one Google share cost $1,200, you have the option of investing

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Superhero review: ASX and US share trading app Finder

(2 days ago) Superhero is a share trading broker which charges a flat $5 brokerage fee for all ASX stocks and zero brokerage for exchange traded funds. With …

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How to invest in the Tambourah Metals IPO Finder

(3 days ago) Disclaimer - Hive Empire Pty Ltd (trading as, ABN: 18 118 785 121) provides factual information, general advice and services …

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22 Passive Income Ideas To Make You Cash In Your Sleep (2020)

(Just Now) Investing . This is perhaps the most hands-off way to earn passive income because all you have to do is deposit some money into an interest bearing account and leave it there while the cash starts

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10 top-performing super funds for 2021 announced Finder

(4 days ago) The top-performing growth super fund returned 22% for the year, while the bottom-performing fund returned 13%. Super funds have had a record year, …

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What is the S&P 500 and how can I invest in it from

(2 days ago) Investing in an S&P 500 index fund or opening a trading account that gives you access to the US stock market will let you diversify your portfolio and …

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What are index funds and how do I invest in Australia

(4 days ago) Investing in an index fund offers access to a range of companies from various sectors. They're relatively safe. Index funds are considered a safer alternative to direct stock market investing

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Fractional property investment

(6 days ago) Fractional property investment is a relatively new investment option in Australia. While property as an asset class has performed well historically, the costs of getting started can be high.

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How to invest in gas in Australia: A beginner's guide Finder

(9 days ago) Investing in gas ETFs Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are a way of investing your money in a selection of assets rather than buying shares in a …

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How to invest in cryptocurrency in 2021: 6+ methods compared

(7 days ago) As such, investing in cryptocurrency should be planned on time horizons spanning several years to account for periodic downturns. Like any good investment, the key to mitigating risk is

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How to invest in silver in Australia: 4 different ways

(2 days ago) Investing in a silver-themed exchange traded fund (ETFs) can be an easy way of gaining exposure to silver prices or companies in the silver sector. …

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Australia's penny stocks: How to invest in ASX penny

(8 days ago) Investing can be simple if you keep in mind that a business’ value is often estimated by its future earnings. For example, in the week the NSW/VIC border reopened, travel stocks rallied as

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Pay off your mortgage or invest

(7 days ago) Investing in shares takes time, research and analysis. You need to keep an eye on the market, economy and company performance to ensure that you …

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Find the best stock trading apps in Australia (2021

(9 days ago) The Westpac Online Investing app is designed for iPhone, iPad and Android users and is optimised for use on smartphones. The trading-specific app allows you to …

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Alternatives to CommSec: 7 trading platforms to consider

(9 days ago) The Westpac Online Investing platform is designed to simplify the trading process for casual investors. It offers access to Australian and international …

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mFunds guide: Invest in managed funds online in Australia

(3 days ago) Example of mFund investing vs direct investment. For example, the UBS Emerging Markets Equity Fund is a managed fund that is available through the mFund Settlement Service. You have the choice of

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Westpac online share trading account review

(Just Now) Westpac Online Investing is Westpac’s online share trading platform. As one of Australia’s Big Four banks, Westpac was the first bank established in Australia and …

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Are 93% of investors missing out by opting out of robo

(2 days ago) A new report found that 7% of Aussie investors use robo-advice apps and just 12% have heard of micro-investing. Robo-advisors like Betterment and Acorns are hugely popular in the US – but it

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How to buy Amazon shares

(3 days ago) Stop saving and start investing. Get news and tips on stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, superannuation and more. Delivered right to your inbox. Sign me up!

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ANZ Share Investing Review: Fees and share trading Finder

(3 days ago) ANZ Share Investing is a subsidiary of ANZ and offers convenient ways to buy and sell shares, warrants, options and ETFs. Read our review today.

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Clover Review Investment Portfolios, Fees and Asset

(4 days ago) The Clover fee is based on your balance regardless of which type of portfolio you get. The Clover fee is charged monthly in arrears and is automatically debited …

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How do I invest in vegan stocks

(7 days ago) However, it is investing heavily in plant-based protein and meat alternatives, including the launch of its new product range Raised & Rooted. In 2016, it bought a …

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Spaceship Voyager Investment App review: Features and fees

(3 days ago) Investing in global companies exposes the portfolio to foreign exchange rate movements. Spaceship does not use currency hedging to manage the impact of this risk. When foreign currencies fall in

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Superhero hands-on review: Australia’s Robinhood trading

(8 days ago) Superhero is a new Australian ASX share trading app that launched September. It offers a flat $5 commission for all Australian shares and ETFs. You can invest in …

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A simple guide to cryptocurrency tax in Australia 2021

(Just Now) According to the ATO’s SMSF investing in cryptocurrencies guide, SMSFs are not prohibited from investing in cryptocurrencies. However, the …

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How to Invest in the TSX in July 2021 Risks & Rewards

(6 days ago) It's up to you to find the best solution for your investing needs, at a price point that meets your budget. Other ways to invest in the TSX. For most investors in Australia, stock exchanges are

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Raiz Invest: Hands-on review of the micro-investment app

(1 days ago) The platform works by rounding up and investing your spare change into a fund containing several exchange traded funds (ETFs) which you select based on your risk preferences. You can also top up

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