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Adding social issues to the corporate balance sheet | Moral Money. Employees, investors and customers are increasingly demanding transparency across supply chains and corporate structures. July 13

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How to teach your bored teenager about investing

(3 days ago) Pay her to: Read the Financial Times’ award-winning teenager essays on investing and, for additional money, the classic money and investing book Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

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Investing for Good USA

(9 days ago) Despite predictions that sustainable and impact investing would fall by the wayside during the pandemic as companies battled to stay in business, these investment strategies have been outperforming. And while climate was the primary focus before Covid-19 hit, the crisis has given a new prominence to the S in ESG (environmental, social and governance), with investors increasingly interested in

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Investing in Innovation Financial Times

(Just Now) Investing in Innovation. How big tech companies stifle innovation, retraining workforces is the ‘challenge of our times’, Germany may be on the right path and arguably too many promising

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How to handle the gamification of investing Financial Times

(3 days ago) The pandemic has brought an explosion in retail investing, driven sometimes by spare cash (bolstered in the US by government handouts), boredom, or despair. Jobs are scarce, above all for the

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Investing vs gambling: a fine line to tread Financial Times

(3 days ago) Investing regular amounts on a monthly basis and reinvesting dividends are also tried and tested methods of building wealth. I can remember a reader’s portfolio from my time as a journalist on

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Investing: The index factor Financial Times

(3 days ago) Investing: The index factor. It seemed a mundane statement. MSCI, the New York-based index provider that runs the most widely accepted benchmarks of the emer­ging markets, had decided against a

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The fallacy of ESG investing Financial Times

(3 days ago) A single phrase sums up the appeal of environmental, social and governance investing: “doing well by doing good”. ESG strategies, we are told, promote the greater good and provide superior

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Investing for Good Europe

(9 days ago) ESG investing is no longer a trend or a box ticking exercise - it is here to stay. The pandemic intensified the focus on environmental, social and governance issues in 2020, reshaping attitudes and priorities. This will accelerate in the year ahead as the world’s societal and climate change challenges become more acute, and the costs of externalities become impossible to ignore.

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‘Gamified’ investing leaves millennials playing with fire

(3 days ago) ‘Gamified’ investing leaves millennials playing with fire. Slick stock-trading apps skip over the risks for inexperienced investors . Siddarth Shrikanth Add to myFT.

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ESG investing Financial Times

(2 days ago) ESG investing Add to myFT. Add to myFT Digest. Add this topic to your myFT Digest for news straight to your inbox. Add to myFT Digest Friday, 23 July, 2021. Moral Money.

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Where to invest in 2020 Financial Times

(3 days ago) Maike: We’ve already mentioned the surge of interest in ESG investing, but we’re moving towards a broader definition of what makes a sustainable investment. For example, cyber security is a

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David Swensen, the Yale pioneer who reshaped investing

(3 days ago) Investing novice After graduating from Yale with a PhD in economics in 1980, Swensen parlayed a thesis on valuing corporate bonds into a promising career in finance.

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Investing for Good Asia

(5 days ago) This third edition of FT Investing for Good Asia on 13 October will gather leading investors, wealth managers, development experts, entrepreneurs and others to explore the opportunities to make an impact on regional challenges.

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About Investing for Good Asia I 8 September 2021

(1 days ago) Exhibitor. The COVID-19 crisis, which has hit vulnerable sections of society the hardest, has amplified the importance of sustainable and impact investing in any post-pandemic future. With the disastrous effects of climate change and a deteriorating environment already being felt around the world, channelling private capital to positive social

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Investing in Education Financial Times

(6 days ago) Why schools are central to recovery in developing countries. Invest now to protect the vulnerable, say Sierra Leone’s schools and finance ministers. Pandemic creates a ‘learning crisis’ in

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Investing in Kenya Financial Times

(2 days ago) Investing in Kenya. Since 2018, president Uhuru Kenyatta has shifted public spending away from infrastructure projects. Now the focus is on the Big Four agenda of delivering food security

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Coronavirus crisis: does value investing still make sense

(3 days ago) Value investing has gone through several bouts of existential angst over the past century, and always comes back strongly. But its poor performance during the coronavirus crisis has only added to

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Robinhood faces legal action over ‘gamification’ of investing

(3 days ago) The Massachusetts securities regulator has launched legal action against the online trading app Robinhood, accusing it of “gamifying” investing and alleging the company did not put in place

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Investing in Ukraine Financial Times

(4 days ago) Investing in Ukraine. In spite of the conflict in the south-eastern Donbas region, economic growth is slowly picking up, and investment — though still below the level the country needs — is

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Has the value investing fightback begun

(3 days ago) Value investing is sometimes called the “granddaddy” of investment styles, tracing its lineage back to Benjamin Graham and David Dodd’s seminal work in the 1930s and 1940s.

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Why value investing still works in markets Financial Times

(3 days ago) Value investing is buying something for less than it is worth. The value factor is an ersatz measure of gaps between price and value. Worse, the relevance of the value factor is fading. Earnings

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Taiwan offers useful route to investing in east Asian

(3 days ago) Some say share investing is about taking risks to enjoy the benefits of growth. In place of a fixed-income bond the investor accepts variable dividends and fluctuating profits in the belief that

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Tackling climate change — an investor’s guide Financial

(3 days ago) James Purcell, head of sustainable and impact investing in the chief investment office of UBS’s global wealth management division, says some of the best ways to invest in climate change are

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EM investing: Why it is back in fashion Financial Times

(3 days ago) EM investing: Why it is back in fashion. When the world’s biggest fund manager reverses its view on half of the global economy it is time to take notice. That is what BlackRock, manager of $4

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ESG investing: funds weigh sovereign debt profits against

(3 days ago) ESG investing: funds weigh sovereign debt profits against human rights. Late one evening last November Nickolai Prakofyeu answered the phone to some troubling news: he had 24 hours to leave

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Marshall Wace to make foray into investing in crypto

(3 days ago) Marshall Wace was one of a number of investors to take part in a $440m fundraising round for Circle, the US financial technology firm behind the stablecoin USD Coin, at the end of May. A recent

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Does investing in emerging markets still make sense

(3 days ago) “The entire rationale [for investing in emerging markets] has been exports and consumption,” says Bhanu Baweja, chief strategistat UBS and an emerging markets specialist. “People came into

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When it comes to investing, human stupidity beats AI

(3 days ago) Those who are investing vast sums in devising computer-driven investment strategies tend to agree. Artificial intelligence -driven investing, among the most-hyped trends in finance, tends to

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Equities, ETF and Funds prices, indices and stock

(6 days ago) A Ben Graham value investing screen A Ben Graham screen View. Ben Graham is considered the father of 'value investing' - a strategy of screening for companies whose share prices do not reflect their asset backing and dividend streams. He believed that a bargain share is one where net current assets less all prior obligations exceeds the market

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How to . . . invest in stamps Financial Times

(3 days ago) Stamp investing is also not recommended as something that should be a big part of your investment portfolio. Stanley Gibbons, a company that specialises in everything to do with postage stamps,

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Temasek commits $500m to impact investing specialist

(3 days ago) It also intends to make additional allocations to other specialist impact investing managers. The $500m committed by Temasek takes the total capital raised by LeapFrog since it was founded in 2007

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How to invest in diamonds Financial Times

(3 days ago) McDermott recommends investing in JPM Natural Resources fund or the First State Global Resources fund, and Adrian Lowcock at Hargreaves Lansdown is also keen. “This is a more prudent approach

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Investing in IPOs is an easy way to lose money Financial

(3 days ago) Investing in IPOs is an easy way to lose money. The struggles of Uber provide a stark lesson of the dangers of buying new issues. Merryn Somerset Webb Add to myFT.

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ESG funds forecast to outnumber conventional funds by 2025

(3 days ago) Environmental, social and governance investing, which aims to look beyond traditional financial metrics when picking stocks, previously represented a niche area of fund management.

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Investing in Canada Financial Times

(3 days ago) Investing in Canada. After a sluggish start in rolling out Covid-19 vaccines, the outlook for Canada is brightening and the economy is proving to be unexpectedly robust

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Value and growth investments gap at 25-year high

(3 days ago) Value investing continues to underperform growth investing, with a gap in returns that has expanded to its widest point in at least 25 years. Value funds have returned 624 per cent since 1995

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Investing in Greece Financial Times

(3 days ago) Investing in Greece. The Mediterranean nation is emerging from an unprecedented economic crisis and is looking to pull off a sustained recovery — a prospect that was buoyed by a return to

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Greenwashing in finance: Europe’s push to police ESG investing

(3 days ago) ESG investing set record after record, with investors piling unprecedented levels of cash into sustainable funds, asset managers rushing to launch new products and research suggesting such

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The rise of ‘quantamental’ investing: where man and

(3 days ago) The rise of ‘quantamental’ investing: where man and machine meet. As soon as the financial crisis started to recede, Jordi Visser knew something had to change. Algorithms were starting to rule

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Why investing in emerging markets does make sense

(3 days ago) In answer to the FT’s central argument that questions the rationale for investing in EMs, the GDP and productivity growth for nearly every Asian nation named has well exceeded that of DMs post-2000.

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Investing in difficult times: prepare don’t predict

(6 days ago) Investing in difficult times: prepare don’t predict. Amid weak worldwide economic momentum, ongoing geopolitical conflicts, and central banks stretching their policy support, fund managers

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Quantitative investing Financial Times

(3 days ago) Quantitative investing, a rapidly growing strategy that uses complex computer models to make trading decisions, has taken a blow to its reputation with the current markets troubles. Quants traders

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Investing: Rules of engagement Financial Times

(3 days ago) Investing: Rules of engagement. “It has often been said that the owner of a horse is responsible. If the horse lives he must feed it. If the horse dies he must bury it. No such responsibility

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BlackRock shakes up business to focus on sustainable investing

(3 days ago) BlackRock has unveiled sweeping changes in an effort to position itself as a leader in sustainable investing after criticism that the company has failed to use its clout to combat climate change

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How to invest in art Financial Times

(3 days ago) Investing in art will not necessarily provide big returns. Last year, the Mei Moses World All Art Index– which tracks art prices across genres, from Impressionist works to postwar and

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(8 days ago) NOW IS THE TIME TO CONSIDER INVESTING IN JAPAN. A combination of structural changes and undervalued equities has made Japan ripe for growth in the near future.

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