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ESG investing. Biden paves way for ESG retirement funds in reversal from Trump. Proposal could ease concerns of US plan managers who consider factors such as climate risk. Save.

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ESG investing Financial Times

(2 days ago) Plus, short selling’s role in ESG investing and niche vs generalist ESG data offerings. September 9 2021. Exchange traded funds. Chinese manager teams up with Tabula to launch high-yield ESG ETF

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Impact Investing Financial Times

(3 days ago) Impact Investing. The global action community for impact investors wants China’s elite to start investing for good social and environmental outcomes, accountants are the new activists on the

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Investing under Trump Financial Times

(Just Now) Investing in funds. Investors find a novel way to hedge their portfolios: hedge funds. High bond prices mean fixed income has lost its lustre as a ballast against stock falls. Save.

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Investing: Whatever the weather

(3 days ago) Investing: Whatever the weather? The risk parity strategy pioneered by Ray Dalio and driving a $400bn industry faces a stiff test if the Fed raises rates. Share on twitter (opens new window)

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How to teach your bored teenager about investing

(3 days ago) Pay her to: Read the Financial Times’ award-winning teenager essays on investing and, for additional money, the classic money and investing book Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

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The bull case for investing in China Financial Times

(3 days ago) The bull case for investing in China. Long-term investors know patience may be rewarded with strong gains. Jeffrey Kleintop Add to myFT.

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Investing: The index factor Financial Times

(3 days ago) Indexing has become a big business. In the case of the world’s largest ETF, the $177bn SPDR, which tracks the S&P 500, S&P Dow Jones receives a licence fee of a little over 0.03 per cent of

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Investing vs gambling: a fine line to tread Financial Times

(3 days ago) Investing regular amounts on a monthly basis and reinvesting dividends are also tried and tested methods of building wealth. I can remember a reader’s portfolio from my time as a journalist on

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The fallacy of ESG investing Financial Times

(3 days ago) A single phrase sums up the appeal of environmental, social and governance investing: “doing well by doing good”. ESG strategies, we are told, promote the greater good and provide superior

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Investing for Good USA

(3 days ago) Despite predictions that sustainable and impact investing would fall by the wayside during the pandemic as companies battled to stay in business, these investment strategies have been outperforming. And while climate was the primary focus before Covid-19 hit, the crisis has given a new prominence to the S in ESG (environmental, social and governance), with investors increasingly interested in

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Investing in Mauritius Financial Times

(6 days ago) Investing in Mauritius. The island nation aims to reinvent itself as a hub for global investors in Africa, with both China and India as its key partners. We look into Mauritius’ focus on cross

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The hidden costs of investing

(8 days ago) The JPM UK Dynamic fund, which sits in the all companies sector, reports an AMC of 1.59 per cent but ongoing charges and trading costs push the total cost of investing, according to the True and Fair Calculator, up to 3.27 per cent. “When you buy an investment fund you might think the manager’s initial charge and AMC are the end of the story.

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Equities Financial Times

(7 days ago) The FT explores the consequences of investing in a crucial but increasingly inscrutable country, where politics can quickly turn against even the most powerful. September 21 2021.

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Is it time to avoid investing in China

(3 days ago) The reasons for investing include risk diversification from Europe and North America, the low correlation of the Chinese market’s performance with other major markets, the country’s economic

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Investing for Good Asia

(5 days ago) This third edition of FT Investing for Good Asia on 13 October will gather leading investors, wealth managers, development experts, entrepreneurs and others to explore the opportunities to make an impact on regional challenges.

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How to handle the gamification of investing Financial Times

(3 days ago) The pandemic has brought an explosion in retail investing, driven sometimes by spare cash (bolstered in the US by government handouts), boredom, or despair. Jobs are scarce, above all for the

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Thematic Investing – Discovering Strategies for Growth Home

(2 days ago) The Financial Times, in partnership with Mirae Asset Global Investments and Global X ETFs, was delighted to host this exclusive, virtual half-day summit. The event gathered experts in thematic investing, ranging from researchers, investors and distributors to discuss high growth opportunities and portfolio management tools for 2021 and beyond.

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Coronavirus crisis: does value investing still make sense

(3 days ago) Value investing has gone through several bouts of existential angst over the past century, and always comes back strongly. But its poor performance during the coronavirus crisis has only added to

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Equities, ETF and Funds prices, indices and stock

(6 days ago) A Ben Graham value investing screen A Ben Graham screen View. Ben Graham is considered the father of 'value investing' - a strategy of screening for companies whose share prices do not reflect their asset backing and dividend streams. He believed that a bargain share is one where net current assets less all prior obligations exceeds the market

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Impact Investing in 2020

(6 days ago) Has 2020 truly been a game changer for impact investing, and how have the priorities of European and US investors changed? Is the rise of ESG investing the silver lining to the Covid-19 cloud? How will the US election results benefit the impact investing, and consequently help close the US infrastructure gap? What are the implications of the CPD temperature rating system?

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Impact investing for good and market returns Financial Times

(3 days ago) Indeed, the Global Impact Investing Network, a non-profit, estimates that impact investing is already a $114bn sector, with 40 per cent of funds originating in the US and 58 per cent from the for

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Investing in Senegal Financial Times

(4 days ago) Investing in Senegal The ambitious Emerging Senegal Plan aims for middle-income status by 2035, with investment in energy and infrastructure, business reforms and attempts to reduce poverty.

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Is value investing back from the dead

(3 days ago) Dye quickly became an emblematic casualty of the dotcom bubble, and his defenestration signalled a renaissance for his “value” school of investing, focused on finding unfairly cheap and

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Investing: activism enters the mainstream Financial Times

(3 days ago) Instead their style of investing — more data-driven, eager to work with management behind the scenes and to hold positions for longer — shows just how activism has evolved.

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About Investing for Good Asia I 8 September 2021

(5 days ago) The COVID-19 crisis, which has hit vulnerable sections of society the hardest, has amplified the importance of sustainable and impact investing in any post-pandemic future. With the disastrous effects of climate change and a deteriorating environment already being felt around the world, channelling private capital to positive social and

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Passive aggressive investing — a guide for beginners

(3 days ago) It sounds simple — but passive investing is a jargon-laced bowl of alphabet soup. Passive funds are also known as index tracking funds, or trackers. Simply put, £1 invested in a FTSE 100

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How to invest in farmland Financial Times

(3 days ago) The First Stellar Farming LP allows savers with £15,000 or more to invest in farmland and has a 2 per cent initial charge and a 1 per cent annual management fee (AMC). Braemar UK Agricultural

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How to invest in infrastructure Financial Times

(3 days ago) However, the perils of investing in a single company are highlighted by the travails of Balfour Beatty, which lost more than 20 per cent of its value last week.

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Where to invest in 2020 Financial Times

(3 days ago) Maike: We’ve already mentioned the surge of interest in ESG investing, but we’re moving towards a broader definition of what makes a sustainable investment. For example, cyber security is a

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How to invest in the ‘New China’ Financial Times

(3 days ago) Funds investing in China returned nearly 19 per cent to investors on average over the six months to June 30, according to separate data from Morningstar.

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Investing for Good: Mainstreaming ESG

(3 days ago) Though environmental, social and governance investing reached a tipping point last year, the arrival of Covid-19 is a major challenge. How investors respond, as long-term stewards of capital, will define their enduring influence on markets.

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Why value investing still works in markets Financial Times

(3 days ago) Value investing is buying something for less than it is worth. The value factor is an ersatz measure of gaps between price and value. Worse, the relevance of the value factor is fading. Earnings

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How to . . . invest in stamps Financial Times

(3 days ago) Stamp investing is also not recommended as something that should be a big part of your investment portfolio. Stanley Gibbons, a company that specialises in everything to do with postage stamps,

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Millennials set to embrace micro-investing Financial Times

(3 days ago) Micro-investing — the act of saving very small amounts of money regularly — is touted as a way to make investing manageable for young people on low incomes or with few assets.

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The hard facts about momentum investing Financial Times

(3 days ago) Momentum investing might, then, help make the world safe for value investing. But many will still feel queasy. Mr Asness has indeed shown that momentum is a strong and robust strategy, and is

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Gen Z embraces investing — with signs of caution

(3 days ago) During the pandemic, 16 per cent of Britons aged between 18 and 24 began investing for the first time, compared with 10 per cent across all age groups, a survey by Halifax found.

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Against the herd: trader Mark Spitznagel on contrarian

(3 days ago)Investing is no longer about having to think about systemic risks in that way.” He is careful not to say when a crash might happen, but insists there must come a time “when you can’t take

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ESG investing sparks race in tech and hiring at asset

(3 days ago) Recruitment drive. As well as investing in tech, asset managers have also bulked up their ESG staff. Aviva Investors’ responsible investment team comprises 19 people, up from seven in 2016

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Investing for Good Europe

(3 days ago) ESG investing is no longer a trend or a box ticking exercise - it is here to stay. The pandemic intensified the focus on environmental, social and governance issues in 2020, reshaping attitudes and priorities. This will accelerate in the year ahead as the world’s societal and climate change challenges become more acute, and the costs of externalities become impossible to ignore.

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Investing in difficult times: prepare don’t predict

(6 days ago) Investing in difficult times: prepare don’t predict. Amid weak worldwide economic momentum, ongoing geopolitical conflicts, and central banks stretching their policy support, fund managers

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Investing in Greece Financial Times

(3 days ago) Investing in Greece. The Mediterranean nation is emerging from an unprecedented economic crisis and is looking to pull off a sustained recovery — a prospect that was buoyed by a return to

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Ethical investing has reached a tipping point Financial

(3 days ago) Ethical investing has reached a tipping point. Environmental, social and governance considerations are finally moving into the mainstream. Gillian Tett Add to myFT.

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Quantitative investing Financial Times

(3 days ago) Quantitative investing, a rapidly growing strategy that uses complex computer models to make trading decisions, has taken a blow to its reputation with the current markets troubles. Quants traders

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Investing in Nature

(7 days ago) Strategically timed to take place ahead of this year’s major international climate and nature conventions, this event will bring together government leaders, Indigenous peoples and community representatives, top investors and other major influencers. Our expert speakers will discuss the economics and finance of biodiversity, and how investors and financiers can play a major role in

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ETFs set to usurp active funds in world of ethical investing

(3 days ago) Exchange traded funds and other passive vehicles are set to usurp active managers as the dominant ethical investing approach, research suggests. The shift would be a body blow to active investment

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Liability driven investing is starting to catch on

(3 days ago) Liability driven investing (LDI) has made headlines in 2014 as a popular option for defined benefit pension plans edging toward a fully funded status. But some individual investors are considering

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UK says China is welcome to invest in non-strategic parts

(3 days ago) The minister hosting Britain’s “global investment summit” this week said China is welcome to carry on investing in non-strategic parts of the UK economy and backed Saudi investment in

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