Retirement Income Planning. Income Power.

What if you were able to eliminate all risks in investing by assuming one new risk? What if your income from this financial vehicle would not be subject to duration, market, reinvestment or timing risks. And what if this financial vehicle would pay up to 3% or more income. What is the vehicle, and what is the remaining risk? Read more

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Go2Income. Disclosure and Assumptions

(2 days ago) We assume that the investor is investing in highly rated tax free municipal bonds, with durations equal to the average duration of the income payout. We assume no defaults and assume a constant maturity fund such that the rate does not change during the period. We continue to accumulate the account at that rate even when it becomes negative.

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From Savings to Income

(7 days ago) investing more in fixed income investments, and possibly downsizing your budget to make your savings last longer. With this spend-down strategy, you are taking 100% of the risk, whether from market volatility or from longevity. Finally, ask your advisor about strategies …

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Retirement Income Planning. Income Power.

(6 days ago) The asset allocation method involves drawing down savings over time from a portfolio of stocks, bonds and cash. Unfortunately, this planning method leaves retirees with all of the risks: investment, longevity, dependency, and persistency (see below). Further, investors like retirees may underestimate their longevity and overestimate their money

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Free QLAC Annuity Calculator. Customize your QLAC. QLAC

(1 days ago) QLAC payment. Click here for comparison of cumulative payments. QLAC payment. RMD Payment. XXX. QLAC payment. Without QLAC. The graph above is designed to show you the level of payments, when annuitants and any beneficiaries are paid, and the pattern of payments. Use the graph to compare different annuity options you select for Your Annuity.

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