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investing significant time and money, so success is critically important given current budgets. Because of the crucial factors of money, staff, and efficiency, an OIG needs to be aware of BPRs and must determine what role it desires to take as they progress. OIGs will choose different levels of involvement depending on the BPR target, the

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(3 days ago) record of fighting fraud in such programs, which demonstrates the value of investing in Inspector General oversight. Increases in OIG resources targeted to agencies that will receive or manage additional funding allow those OIGs to provide robust oversight without diminishing oversight over their existing portfolio of programs.

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(6 days ago) Page 5 of 9 • Allow agencies to retain PFCRA recoveries to the extent needed to make them whole. PFCRA specifies that all agencies except two must deposit any PFCRA recoveries into the Treasury Miscellaneous Receipts account, a disincentive to investing

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