10 Amazing Tips for Investing in the Next Company

Investing in the next big business is the ultimate goal of any investor who is hoping to make some return investment on supporting a great idea.

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5 Factors VCs Look at When Investing

(6 days ago) When investing, they need to see how the capital being requested stacks up to the companies' current "run rate" or financial projections. They …

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Investing in the Future: 5 Things Every Investor Should

(4 days ago) A smart investment move for the future is one that promises continued growth and an ever-increasing ROI, and investing in a solid startup is a solid way to accomplish that.

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4 Tips for Investing in a Volatile Market

(8 days ago) Investing is about the long-term. Again, the more you shift your perspective to align with reality, the less likely it is that you'll be emotionally impacted by the ups and downs of the market. 3.

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7 Investment Principles for Entrepreneurs

(Just Now) Investing in commodities may be risky in general, but if your business is heavily linked to the broader economy or public equity markets, a counter cyclical asset such as commodities may be

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What Investors Look for Before Putting Money Into a

(3 days ago) They're investing in the person (or people) behind that great idea. To increase your funding chances, it helps to get inside the minds of your potential investors. This …

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Top 5 Investors Focused on Growth Investing

(4 days ago) Turn/River was founded with a distinct focus on investing in high-growth SaaS companies and helping them drive additional scale through optimizing marketing, pricing, …

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Tony Robbins: The Great Investing Paradox

(8 days ago) Investing should never feel like gambling. If you want to retire rich, you need a sound strategy and the right investor psychology to stay the course even when things get bumpy.

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7 Ways to Impress Your Potential Investors

(3 days ago) Investors are not investing in your business simply because they believe in your vision (though they do have to believe in it to invest), they are investing in you to make a little bit of extra

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4 Money Mistakes That Entrepreneurs Must Avoid

(Just Now) That assumes, ahem, that you're investing at all--and haven't fallen for the old misconception that your company is the only investment you will ever need.

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5 Reasons I Invested In SoFi

(5 days ago) Investing in startups is a risky game with enormous potential payoffs for the lucky winners. Through sweat equity, entrepreneurs are investors in …

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Why Companies Are Investing More in Becoming Partners Than

(1 days ago) Why Companies Are Investing More in Becoming Partners Than in Becoming Vendors From startups to Fortune 500 companies, businesses are …

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9 Sustainable Investing Trends for 2016

(8 days ago) At the same time, there is a need for more impact investing funds to meet growing demand from millennials. 8. ESG performance has been proven to match or exceed non-socially responsible investing.

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Here's Why Hiring Employees Is Just Like Investing in the

(1 days ago) So Follow These 3 Investing Tips If hiring decisions come easy to you, then perhaps you're doing something wrong. Here's how to play the hiring …

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5 Tips for Investing in Income Property Real Estate

(1 days ago) 5 Tips for Investing in Income Property Real Estate So, you're interested in entering the real estate market and becoming the owner of an investment property.

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8 Books Warren Buffett Tells Millionaires to Read

(3 days ago) Successful investing requires thoughtful attention to many separate aspects, all at the same time. Omit any one and the result is likely to be less than satisfactory." 6.

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The Surprisingly Effective Retirement Plan You're Probably

(3 days ago) Yes, investing in real estate is complex and risky, as last decade's housing meltdown amply demonstrated. But if you have money to spare, consider buying your office building instead of renting it

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Warren Buffett Says This 1 Rare Investment Choice Will

(8 days ago) He added that investing in developing your communication skills -- both in writing and in-person -- "can increase your value by at least 50 percent." 2. Your leadership skills.

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3 Reasons to Invest in Startups

(6 days ago) Investing in startups was historically reserved for just the uber-wealthy and those with very strong venture capital or angel investment connections. As a result, less than 0.1% of the U.S

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5 Questions Entrepreneurs Need to Ask Before Investing in

(2 days ago) An old adage of investing in the stock market is that you should never invest money or funds that you cannot afford to lose, and this is equally as applicable to investing in a business.

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5 Things Goldman Sachs Looks for in a Company Before Investing

(1 days ago) Investing, like business, is a game and there are best practices that can help you win. Both offensive and defensive opportunities need to be identified and capitalized upon. 4.

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3 Secrets to Real Estate Investing Like a Pro

(1 days ago) It's true, you can't expect to start investing or flipping houses without a base knowledge, but investing is a relationship game first and foremost. Real Estate Investing is so vast, it's easy for

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5 Traits of a Good Investment Opportunity

(2 days ago) 5 Traits of a Good Investment Opportunity Before you invest in a company, look for these five traits to make sure it's a viable opportunity.

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5 Strategies for Investing in Stocks Every Entrepreneur

(4 days ago) 5 Strategies for Investing in Stocks Every Entrepreneur Should Know If done correctly, investing in the stock market can be a better alternative to real estate, property, and other forms of

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How Crowdfunding Has Changed Real Estate Investing

(6 days ago) Investing in private real estate was always about who you knew. If you look into the Securities Act of 1933 the securities of private investments, including real estate, couldn't be …

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Investing in Mini-IPOs

(7 days ago) Historically, investing in startups and small businesses has been reserved for accredited investors, or just the wealthiest 2% of America. Now, after three years of anticipation, investing in pre

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Is Investing in Gold Really Worth It

(2 days ago) Investing in Gold is Worth It, and Here's Why. Gold is an interesting type of investment because there are a number of factors that come into play. And many of these factors are becoming

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Yes, You Can Start Investing in Your 20s. Here Are 6 Ways

(5 days ago) Micro-investing is a great option to consider for automatic investments with fewer dollars. It can be done via various apps that take your "spare change" and invest it for you.

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Is Your Idea Worthy of an Investment

(6 days ago) When I talk about investing, I don't just mean with money, but with time and resources. You don't want to pitch your friends a hundred ideas because you will sound like the boy who cried wolf

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5 Classic Books Warren Buffett Personally Recommends You

(2 days ago) Author and financial adviser Jeremy C. Miller does an outstanding job researching and extracting the best of Buffett's investing "ground rules" from letters Buffett wrote to his partners between

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The 50 Best Private Equity Firms for Entrepreneurs

(4 days ago) For some private equity firms, investing in founder-led businesses is a big part of the strategy--if not the strategy itself. Before you test the private equity waters, however, you should first

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3 Tips From Warren Buffett for Angel Investors and

(7 days ago) Angel investing results are skewed positive when you spend 3-4x per month working with the founding team. To that end, you best determine if there is …

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What You Need to Know About Socially Responsible Investing

(4 days ago) Socially responsible investing was once taken about as seriously as tree hugging.I remember one conversation I had with my financial adviser 15 years ago: When I inquired about do-gooder funds, he

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How to Start Investing If You're Scared of a Stock Market

(9 days ago) Investing for the long-term means buying and holding for years, if not decades--not selling your stocks at the first sign of trouble.Your losses …

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Crowdfunding and Broker Platforms Bring Impact Investing

(8 days ago) Impact investing is certainly doable, and is accelerating. In its seventh annual survey, published in May 2017, the Global Impact Investing Network, or …

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6 Sustainability Investing Trends for 2015

(1 days ago) Indeed, sustainable, responsible and impact investing (SRI) assets in the US grew 76% between 2012 and 2014, according to a survey by US SIF. Assets managed by …

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This All-Important Character Trait Is Why Warren Buffett

(2 days ago) About a decade ago, Buffett changed his mind about technology and began investing in IBM. At the time, it was the most long-established and stable-seeming tech …

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Need to Attract Top Talent

(8 days ago) What's more, investing in your company's culture and expecting positive outcomes requires intention. So, if you're culture was built by a "wing …

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How to Calculate Return on Investment for Your Business

(8 days ago) Here's another twist. The initial investment is still $200,000. You still put $20,000 of profit back into the business and eventually sell it for $300,000.

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Why You Should Treat Your Career Like an Investment

(3 days ago) Why You Should Treat Your Career Like an Investment Portfolio Invest your time like you invest your money using the 'barbell strategy,' urges this business school professor.

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Investing in Future Innovations: Why We Need More Women

(3 days ago) Second, let's be clear that investing carries a lot of meaning. It isn't only about funding or financially putting skin in the game. It's also about investing time, energy, perspective, and knowledge.

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How This $45 Million NFL Star Became a Big-Time Startup

(1 days ago) What is a current National Football League player doing investing in start-ups during the season? Colston recently explained to me why Enerskin is a …

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The Secret to Getting a Tax Deduction for Buying

(3 days ago) You are prohibited from investing in certain insurance policies, S corporation stock and collectibles. Bitcoin does not fall into any of these categories, and is therefore an allowable investment.

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Microsoft Just Invested $1 Billion in the Lab Founded by

(2 days ago) In fact, it just announced a partnership that will have Microsoft investing a cool $1 billion into the for-profit research lab -- originally founded by Elon Musk and others, and now run by Sam

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Real Estate Investing 2.0: Unique New Approach Goes Beyond

(8 days ago) Sponsored Content Real Estate Investing 2.0: Unique New Approach Goes Beyond Crowdfunding Learn how data-driven analysis makes real estate less …

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I Missed Out on $82 Million in Uber's IPO. Here's Why I

(3 days ago) A New Funding Source for Underrepresented Founders: the NBA. Along with LegalZoom, the pro hoops league is offering $6 million in funds and services to …

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Think Angel Investing = Seed Investing

(2 days ago) Venture investing, especially early stage venture, is for people who can withstand 100% on their investment. However, the vast majority of later …

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Why Investing in the Best Technology for Your Team Will

(3 days ago) Why Investing in the Best Technology for Your Team Will Skyrocket Productivity There may be hurdles in the beginning but the benefits are strong …

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