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Our cryptocurrency investing service features weekly 1 or 2 crypto alerts, a top cryptocurrency list, a few promising blockchain stocks. This service is about buy and hold. However as of 2020 we will suggest a few medium term trades as well. Get instant access to all our cryptocurrency alerts.

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About Us InvestingHaven

(3 days ago) Investing is a process that has multiple steps, investing is also a multi-faceted activity, and we look at all steps in the investing process as well as all the facets of investing. The structure we have laid out below should reflect this, and it is the structure in which we have bundled our 100 long term tips for successful investing.

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Markets & Stocks InvestingHaven

(2 days ago) Markets & Stocks. Markets & stocks contains our thoughts on market trends globally as well as individual stock analysis. Dominant market trends tend to change every 6 to 18 months. The most known recent market trends are the stock market correction triggered by the crude oil crash of 2014/2015, the recovery of commodities in 2016, the crypto

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Forecasts InvestingHaven

(7 days ago) Forecasts. This is an overview of all InvestingHaven's research team forecasts. They span across all global markets, and cover all asset classes. Interestingly, we tend to distinguish asset classes when forecasting. As per our forecasting method we use leading indicators from currency and credit markets to forecast stocks and commodities.

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Premium Investing Service: Momentum Investing InvestingHaven

(2 days ago) This premium investing service is meant to double capital annually with 2 to 3 successful trades per year. Our service shows the strong trends, and suggests trades to play them in a way that’s impactful for our results. Status on December 31st, 2020: +95.1% profits (realized) for trades taken in 2020.

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Cons of Trading Dogecoin You Should Watch Out InvestingHaven

(Just Now) Investing in cryptocurrency is risky. The prices of cryptocurrency can swing wildly, and the technology is relatively still developing. That being said, there is also a good chance that blockchain technology will transform several industries from manufacturing to finance.

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10 Tips To Master Investing Without Emotions InvestingHaven

(6 days ago) Below are 3 more tips which lead us to our 10 tips to master investing without emotions. We believe there are 3 emotion types which act as a serious impediment to see what this small group of really successful investors do see. The 3 emotion types are: Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) which makes investors chase prices higher.

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12 Ways To Invest In NFTs In 2022 And Beyond InvestingHaven

(2 days ago) NFT investing is very different from crypto investing. It has characteristics of investing in art, so both the timeframe and the selection criteria for an NFT investment are really specific. Moreover, NFTs mostly don’t have charts to discover trends and patterns, something that is crucially important in crypto investing.

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Tsaklanos his 1/99 Investing Principles InvestingHaven

(3 days ago) Tsaklanos his 1/99 Investing Principles is a set of rules to help investors make the right decisions. Stated differently, this set of rules helps investors become more aware of wrong decisions which are primarily the result of emotional and impulsive action.

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Mission 2026 InvestingHaven

(Just Now) Medium term portfolio ‘Momentum Investing‘: +95% profits between January 1st, 2020 and December 20th, 2020. It’s all about meaningful and actionable investing insights, and the right signals. This is a challenge based on a dream. Think of our mission as a sportsman who has a dream to win the marathon.

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Commodities & Gold InvestingHaven

(4 days ago) Commodities & Gold Commodities & gold are a key topic on InvestingHaven.That's because they represent one of the five key investment asset classes. Arguably, there are more key asset classes but the scope of InvestingHaven is limited to the following 5: stocks, bonds or treasuries, commodities, currencies, and the crypto market.

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The Most Concerning Stock Market Chart Of 2021

(6 days ago) The Most Concerning Stock Market Chart Of 2021. The most concerning chart is the one from the Russell 2000: it is a breakdown in the context of a bearish rounded topping pattern. It is not pretty, but understanding it’s impact (without over-doing it) is crucial for investors. It is pointless to panic, it is crucial to understand.

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What About Gold In 2021

(8 days ago) Within our Momentum Investing portfolio we keep a very close eye on gold miners. As a trader though we saw an opportunity, and initiated a position in the gold market. It is not too late to enter the same position, which is the one you will find in our

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What’s So Interesting About Investing In Gold

(9 days ago) A seasoned investor might recognize this as a less risky way of investing in gold. An investment in futures contracts gives the investor the right – not the imperative – to conduct a transaction (buy or sell) at a specific price for a specific duration. It sets the price and the actual price of the asset (in this case – gold) at the time

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Crypto & Blockchain InvestingHaven

(5 days ago) Crypto & Blockchain Crypto & blockchain are related because cryptocurrencies only work on a blockchain platform. However, we mostly split up our articles, and focus on either cryptocurrencies or blockchain stocks which we also tend to call crypto stocks. As said at InvestingHaven we look at 5 key investment asset classes. Arguably, there are more key asset classes, like real estate and cash

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The TOP 3 Investing Opportunities Of 2019 InvestingHaven

(2 days ago) The Secret To Locking In Mega Returns: Characteristics of TOP Investing Opportunities + A Disciplined Exit Strategy. The point about these TOP investing opportunities is that they follow a similar path. Mostly they rise in 3 phases: a steady rise, an acceleration, a parabolic rise which ends in a blow off top fashion.

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Investing Opportunities #5: Time To Sell Our Top Stock

(7 days ago) In our piece Investing Opportunities #2: Another Hidden Gem Microcap Stock we featured QIS.V after analyzing all relevant data points in their earnings, on their chart and their company news releases. We signaled a BUY alert on the breakout. Today we see a stiff correction, and provide some guidance on how to handle this. There are […]

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Crypto & Blockchain InvestingHaven

(3 days ago) Crypto & Blockchain Crypto & blockchain are related because cryptocurrencies only work on a blockchain platform. However, we mostly split up our articles, and focus on either cryptocurrencies or blockchain stocks which we also tend to call crypto stocks. As said at InvestingHaven we look at 5 key investment asset classes. Arguably, there are more key asset classes, like real estate and cash

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Which Is The Biggest Investing Opportunity Of This Decade

(2 days ago) Which Is The Biggest Investing Opportunity Of This Decade? Each market crash comes with opportunity. Out of the dotcom crash in 2000 came a huge bull run in precious metals but also the entire commodities complex. Out of the financial crash in 2009 came a decentralized form of money, Bitcoin, which triggered an entire new asset class, i.e. crypto.

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Forecasting The 2nd Half Of 2021 InvestingHaven

(Just Now) What is the 2nd half of 2021 going to bring? We will try to forecast 2021 trends (August till December) in this article solely based on price action across markets, i.e. combine chart analysis and intermarket capital flows. The leading indicator for risk assets is TNX, bond yields. It is positively correlated with risk sentiment. […]

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10 Cryptocurrency Investing Insights As 2021 Kicks Off

(7 days ago) We covered cryptocurrency investing extensively lately, with several 2021 crypto forecasts.This article highlights 10 of what we consider key cryptocurrency investing insights for 2021, and is meant as a summary for crypto enthusiasts that don’t have the time to read all our materials or annual forecasts in detail. [Must read editorial note on 12.23.2020: A very, very disruptive day for XRP.

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Why Ethereum Prices Have Fallen Recently

(9 days ago) For example, Ethereum was launched back in 2015 and was worth $0.75 per Ether six years back. Its prices then rose exponentially to trade close to $1,300 per Ether at the start of 2018. Over the next three years, Ethereum prices fell off a cliff to trade at just $132.74 in March 2020 before rising to a record high of $4,362 in April 2021.

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Investing Opportunities #10: Actively Manage (Y)Our

(2 days ago) As per Tsaklanos his 1/99 Investing Principles we identified some 10 securities that look really good. By making tough choices we came to a list of 6 candidates for what we called a ‘value investing’ portfolio. We identified 2 candidates for what we called our ‘momentum investing’ portfolio. That was the ‘macro’ level exercise.

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Register For Our Premium Service InvestingHaven

(3 days ago) Top notch forecasting with gold price forecast, many stock predictions, cryptocurrency charts. Many investing tips and crypto market analysis.

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Crypto Investing: How To Make Money By Being Sidelined

(9 days ago) Source: crypto investing research service, published June 5th to premium crypto members. By comparing ‘doing nothing’ as an investor in crypto markets with ‘acting now’ it is clear that the highest probability to make money is being sidelined. Cash will offer you the opportunity to …

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Investing Tip For Palladium Investors: Prepare Your Exit

(8 days ago) This is the last article on palladium with investing tips for investors that want to get exposure to palladium. It is focused on the exit plan, as opposed to the entry plan which we published in our Palladium prediction of $5000 by 2020. Any market that is turning into a major bull market has a big risk for investors: emotions.

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2021 Forecasts: Markets, Stocks, Gold, Commodities

(6 days ago) Overall, our 2021 forecasts are strongly bullish in favor of risk assets like stocks, commodities and Bitcoin. That’s because Treasuries are setting a giant topping pattern right before 2021 kicks in. This has major implications for risk assets: it suggests a capital flow out of Treasuries into higher risk markets.

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First Crypto & Blockchain Investing Service In The World

(1 days ago) First CRYPTO & Blockchain Investing Service In The World. InvestingHaven was the first in the world to offer a premium research service for cryptocurrency investing, since August of 2017. There is no bias in our market calls. Case in point: on December 31st, 2017 we flashed a sell alert, and it is still available in the public domain.

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Education Can Help Your Investing Step Up Another Level

(Just Now) Education Can Help Your Investing Step Up Another Level. Investment is famously a matter of experience: only research and a knowledge of how the markets move and work can bring long-term gains. That being said, as the Federal Investor’s information service notes, an education can be highly beneficial, and having a long-term approach to making

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Investing In Diamonds: Challenge and Opportunity

(5 days ago) Investing in diamonds may sound very ‘fency’ but it is much more challenging than it sounds. Moreover, investors can choose between investing in the commodity itself or buying diamond miners. When it comes to diamond miners we wrote 8 top diamond stocks for 2019 and beyond 2020 which is a great starting point for the diamond stock investing

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2020 Forecasts: Stocks, Gold, Crypto and Bitcoin, Commodities

(6 days ago) We do not forecast a commodities boom in 2020. The commodities that might do well are gold (likely), silver (likely), platinum (likely), coffee (potentially). Uranium sold off heavily so this is a wildcard. Our cryptocurrencies forecast for 2020 is bullish as well. We do expect …

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Investing Tip: The Easiest 10x Investment During The

(2 days ago) Total cost $473. And in terms of time spent (the time investment): a few minutes per day on average. The result: a 10x investment, assuming the ability to track the signals and spend a few weeks until you get used to the buy/sell signals to get the orders right. With an initial capital of $10k (instead of $5k) the result would have been 20x.

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8 Top Diamond Stocks: Great Opportunities For 2019 and

(3 days ago) Ralf Lai has a scientific background. He learnt investing the hard way. He invested his hard-earned savings in stocks back in 2011, at the highs, partly due to his ignorant beliefs in financial news. He decided to stop following mainstream financial …

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Stock Market Forecast: Better Be Careful, Says This

(Just Now) In our Trade Alerts portfolio as well as our Momentum Investing portfolio we took a short term trade and longer term investment in the silver market. Moreover, we published a very detailed silver market analysis this weekend to members of both services, you can have instant access to this detailed analysis by simply signing up.

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Initial Coin Offerings Investing 101: ICO Tips, Scams

(1 days ago) ICO investing is full of opportunities but also full of risks. This is a must-read for initial coin offerings, bubbles, scams, regulation.

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Investing Opportunities #9: Stock Shortlist For The Coming

(3 days ago) Investing is a verb. As per Tsaklanos his 1/99 Investing Principles it is 1% of the time investors should take trades and the remaining 99% of the time they should be researching, analyzing, verifying the validity of their investing thesis, looking for any trend change(s), etc. That’s exactly what we did after last week’s update.

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Investing Opportunities: What May The 2nd Part Of 2019

(2 days ago) Before exploring that question we want to highlight one important pitfall. This is one that appears also in our 100 investing tips: Patience is such an important virtue when investing financial markets. It takes time for good things to happen, and “it” starts (a rise or decline) things tend to accelerate in a short period of time.

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Beginners Guide to Copy Trading: Newbies' Doorstep to

(4 days ago) Copy trading is a form of social trading where a trader’s positions are copied by other trader accounts when they are opened or closed. These positions can be copied manually or automatically. The copier doesn’t follow the original trader’s actual strategy, they just blindly copy the trades. This is a very smart way for newbie traders to

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Our Emerging Markets Outlook For 2020 And 2021

(2 days ago) Most importantly, in order to be profitable investing in emerging markets in 2020 and 2021 we should not look at emerging markets as a group. The really profitable opportunities are sector specific (sectors in specific emerging countries) and even company specific.

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Stocks Market Investors Should Only Check These 2 Charts

(9 days ago) In our Momentum Investing service we share a highly educational piece to our premium members every weekend, full of investing insights. Similarly, our Trade Alerts service features educational insights for traders, every weekend.. The next paragraphs come from our educational piece Momentum Investing: Meet Your Biggest Enemies (August 30th, 2020), and it is a piece that we …

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Crypto Investing: Last Chance To Get In On Some Top Coins

(2 days ago) Cryptocurrency investing looks easy but is pretty challenging. Most crypto investors tend to trade too often, selling way too early or buying at the worst possible moment. Many crypto investors chase prices higher. This is the type of behavior that leads to one and only one thing: miss tons of profits, which obviously comes with […]

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