What Are Altcoins & Is It a Good Investment

So, of course, investing in altcoins is a better choice to mitigate risks in the volatile crypto space. With the recent market movement, Altcoins is slowly catching the waves . Still, Altcoins offer the opportunity to be a part of this movement – a movement that isn’t just trying to bet on the right horse but improve the sport as a whole.

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Is Ripple (XRP) Still a Good Investment in 2021

(5 days ago) Investing in Ripple certainly looks like a bright future could be on the horizon for a cryptocurrency. Interestingly, David Schwartz, CTO of Ripple Labs, Inc., said at the 2019 Future of Fintech conference in New York that financial institutions are “extremely conservative” and “slow-moving.” This could go some way toward explaining

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What Is Vechain and Is It a Good Investment

(7 days ago) If you’re thinking of investing in VeChain, and analyze the forecasts and expert predictions regarding its growth and usability, the price increases of 300% or more over the coming years do not seem unrealistic. However, of course, as always it’s important to do your own research.

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A Beginner's Guide: What Is Tokenomics

(8 days ago) Before investing in a cryptocurrency, it’s recommended you make an analysis of it in order to manage the risk of your investment. Such analysis requires scrutiny of that cryptocurrency’s main aspects. However, investors are not limited to investing only in cryptocurrency coins but also in tokens. These tokens have value, too.

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How to Know if a Shitcoin Is Good or Bad Bybit Learn

(3 days ago) Investing in shitcoins is a high-risk/high-return proposition. You can make a lot overnight — or lose a big chunk of your investment pretty quickly. There are shitcoin projects like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu that managed to generate over 12,000% returns in a very short period of time, but there are also projects which became worthless a week

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Beginner's Guide on How To Day Trade

(7 days ago) Most financial advisors recommend investing between 10% and 20% of your annual income, depending on your risk profile. Find some free room in your schedule – day trading requires a fair amount of time. So, make sure to dedicate at least a few hours per day.

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11 Best Altcoins You Should Know Now (Updated) Bybit Learn

(4 days ago) Investing or trading cryptocurrency can be lucrative. In early 2021, the price for altcoins was indeed spectacular but the bulls are not evergreen. Still, we could not ignore the fact that more institutions and retail traders are jumping into the crypto bandwagon.

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The 6 Best Swing Trading Indicators You Must Know in (2021

(2 days ago) 5. Bollinger Band. The Bollinger Band (BB) is a momentum indicator that consists of three lines – a moving average and two standard deviations, a positive and a negative one. Swing traders prefer this indicator because it quickly detects a trend, the …

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Explained: What Is Dollar-Cost Averaging

(1 days ago) Dollar-cost averaging, or DCA for short, is an investing technique that helps to invest a certain amount of money in small increments at regularly scheduled intervals. The strategy uses changes in the market price over long periods. The choice of the right moment is the most challenging task for beginning traders and investors.

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What Are The Best Momentum Trading Strategies

(2 days ago) Key Elements of Momentum Investing. The first task of a momentum trader is to assess a trend’s strength before opening a position. That is to facilitate risk management planning that addresses the market volatility, price fluctuations, and unexpected momentum breaks. The strategy involves the analysis of three fundamental metrics. These are:

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4 Best Swing Trading Strategies That Works [2021] Bybit

(2 days ago) Since these indicators are mathematical calculations based, they give traders a more critical view of the asset’s price and/or trading volume. For instance, traders would compare the crypto value before and after an event or news and then critically identify the crypto offer and demand before investing it. Some of the popular indicators include:

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What Is LUNA and Is It a Good Investment

(4 days ago) Anchor is a money market and savings protocol built on the Terra blockchain. Being decentralized, it puts together three financial primitives: payments, investing and savings. It allows Terra stablecoin holders to earn a stable 20% APY. In addition, it provides instant deposits and withdrawals, short-term loans and LUNA margin trading.

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What Is Aave Crypto and Is It a Good Investment

(4 days ago) Any interest earned by investing helps offset the interest rate accrued through loans. aTokens. Regardless of whether deposits are intended for lending or borrowing, users get interest-earning aTokens in exchange — which are pegged 1:1 to the value of the underlying asset. Each aToken is based on one crypto asset.

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What Are Realized and Unrealized Gains and Losses

(1 days ago) Investing involves risks. Investors can reduce loss by diversifying their portfolios with multiple crypto assets so that one’s gain in one investment may offset losses from others. Additionally, following a strong trading strategy is important.

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How to Trade Cryptocurrency for Sustainable Profits in 2020

(Just Now) Investing Cryptocurrency. Investors tend to have a longer-term outlook. That means a trader is prepared to commit over an extended time to these digital assets for more massive returns. Generally, it means investors intend to buy and hold (HODL) cryptocurrencies regardless of …

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How to Set Up a Cryptocurrency Wallet Bybit Learn

(8 days ago) The Ledger Nano X is a type of hardware wallet that’s become a bit of a “gold standard” in secured crypto transactions. It supports over 1,300 crypto assets, works on all major desktop and mobile systems, and comes with top-tier security.However, it’s not cheap — a single Ledger Nano X wallet can run up to $160–$200 each.

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What is Cryptocurrency Trading

(3 days ago) Trading Crypto vs. Investing in Crypto. Cryptocurrency trading refers to traders who often take advantage of small mispricings in the market by entering and exiting a position over a short timeframe. It involves conducting deals on margin without actually owning the asset, speculating on the price moves.

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What Is the Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in (2021

(6 days ago) That means investing over set periods ($100 every week or month.) Although it might not provide the same thrill as short-term trading, this can benefit from not needing significant amounts of capital up-front. It is especially useful for investors who are investing every month – …

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Explained: What Is Position Trading vs. Swing Trading

(7 days ago) Long-term investing requires in-depth knowledge of the market’s assets, including stocks or crypto you’re trying to invest in. In this regard, it’s not sufficient to rely on technical analysis, but investors need to evaluate the quality of tokens and coins through fundamental analysis.

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What Is The Future of Chainlink Crypto

(2 days ago) Is It Worth Investing or Trading Chainlink Crypto? It’s worth trading or investing in Chainlink despite the year 2019 might not be the most eventful year for Chainlink. However, the established partnerships, including with the system integrations by Celer, Hedera Hashgraph, Synthetix, Zilliqa, certainly ramped up Chainlink.

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Is Cloud Mining Still Profitable In 2021

(2 days ago) Thus, after investing in the service of a cloud mining company, coming out of that contract without losing a buck proves difficult. Companies doing bad business: There is always this possibility, but then, this risk exists in every business or company you invest your money in. The crypto market is volatile.

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What Are the Risks of Cryptocurrencies

(Just Now) Investing In Just One Cryptocurrency. If a cryptocurrency is rocketing, it may seem like a good idea to put all of your money in it. However, if it loses value, you may go on to regret that decision. How to mitigate the risk: Diversification is key whether you trade cryptos or hold them long-term. That way, you can reduce the risk. Exchange Hacks

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What Is Cardano (ADA) and Is It a Good Investment

(1 days ago) The Cardano blockchain allows people to build smart contracts, create decentralized applications and protocols, and instantly send and receive funds with minimal fees. The Cardano utility token ADA is used as a transfer of value like many other tokens. But it differs from other cryptocurrencies with its functionalities.

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What Is TRON (TRX) and Is It a Good Investment

(8 days ago) TRON is a blockchain-based platform that aims to share free, decentralized user content. Formed in 2017, its native cryptocurrency, Tronix (TRX), is currently the 20th biggest cryptocurrency by market cap The market capitalization (or market cap) of a cryptocurrency is a measurement of its market value.

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What is Zilliqa (ZIL) and Is It a Good Investment in 2021

(7 days ago) One of the most significant problems cryptocurrencies and their blockchains face today is scalability. Unlike today’s leading blockchain networks, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, Zilliqa (ZIL) was built from the ground up to tackle this issue.Zilliqa’s main draw is its ability to clear thousands of transactions per second Transactions per second (TPS) is the number of transactions a

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What Is Dogecoin and How Does It Work

(Just Now) While it might not be a “serious” cryptocurrency, investing in Dogecoin can indeed still be very profitable, as has proven the case for many investors in early 2021. But of course, as with investing in any asset (cryptocurrency or not), there are risks involved. As the old mantra goes: only invest what you can afford to lose.

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What are Wrapped Tokens — and How do They Work

(6 days ago) Therefore, investing in wrapped tokens can be very profitable in the long run, especially with the likes of WBTC. Wrapped tokens are similar to normal tokens. In fact, they are bought and sold for the equivalent price. Thus, if the price of a token rises, the price of the wrapped token may also rise.

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Ethereum (ETH) vs. Ethereum Classic (ETC): The Differences

(6 days ago) The Risk of Investing in ETH and ETC. Yes, Bitcoin is still dominating the crypto industry. That means that the prices of both ETH and ETC will closely follow its pattern. However, Ethereum has higher chances for mass adoption thanks to PoS and Sharding, which makes it a less risky asset.

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What Is Theta Crypto and Is It a Good Investment

(5 days ago) Simultaneously, the revenue in this industry is projected to thrive with over $688 billion by 2024. Although YouTube and Netflix are dominating the sector, decentralized video-streaming networks are making a headwind— Theta. While the cryptocurrency that runs on the network is known as the THETA token. At the time of writing (March 30, 2021

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Why Litecoin (LTC) Remains a Top Crypto & Is It Still a

(1 days ago) In 2019, this digital asset provided more than 300% profit for investors. The risks associated with investing in Litecoin are very similar to Bitcoin, usually related to its price fluctuations. Despite fluctuations, its price always bounces back, with …

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What Is Cloud Mining and How Does it Work

(2 days ago) Many experts believe that cloud mining, with its advantages and opportunities, is the future of crypto mining. For the time being, however, it remains a challenging sector with the circulation of frauds and scams. That means miners must do extensive research before investing in a particular company’s technology.

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What Is Crypto Derivatives Trading & How Does It Work

(4 days ago) Miners or crypto startups: For miners involved in Bitcoin or altcoin mining, investing in derivatives makes sense. The increasing competitions make mining more challenging than it used to be. By hedging with derivatives like futures, miners can diversify their income source. Plus, it allows them to safeguard their profits in the future.

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What Is Chainlink Crypto & Is It A Good Investment

(8 days ago) Chainlink is a decentralized network of nodes launched on Ethereum blockchain that power the network through decentralized data providers called oracles. It provides real-world data from third-party sources to on-blockchain smart contracts through the oracles. Its native ERC-20 token (LINK) is rewarded to oracles who provide accurate data.

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A Beginner's Guide: What Is Dash Crypto

(3 days ago) Before investing in a cryptocurrency such as Dash, you need to know a little about its background, unique features, price timeline and future plans, as well as its “controversial” history. So, let’s begin with a brief explanation of Dash. What Is Dash? Dash is a cryptocurrency that was created due to a Litecoin fork. Since Litecoin is a

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What Is Tezos — and Is XTZ a Good Investment in 2021

(Just Now) XTZ Price Now. CC: CoinMarketCap. After the recent bull run in which Tezos reached a high of over $7 in May 2021, XTZ’s price is decreasing rapidly, corresponding to the BTC dip. In early June, XTZ was trading at around $3 to $4, but the price is …

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How to Keep Your Cryptocurrency Safe (2021) Bybit Learn

(3 days ago) Due to the undeniable high risk of security threats and breaches, cryptocurrency trading platforms and wallet service providers are investing more in cybersecurity. The security systems they procure are like those used in traditional centralized financial institutions that come with complex and layered security features.

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What Is Stellar Lumens (XLM) & Is It Good Investment

(2 days ago) Stellar Lumens (XLM) is a decentralized protocol for transferring digital currency to fiat across borders and currency pairs. Stellar’s XLM is similiar to Ripple but it is created to overcome the challenges of peer-to-peer cross-border transfers. The year 2017 remains historic for many cryptocurrencies. While some crumbles and disappeared

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What Is the Future of Ethereum After 200% Price Surge

(4 days ago) Is It Worth Investing or Trading Ethereum? As the cryptocurrency market continues to mature and merge with the traditional finance sector, it’ll give way to the new phenomenon of DeFi. Naturally, Ethereum will get more and more interest from institutional investors in the future.

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Litecoin vs. Bitcoin vs. Ethereum: Differences

(8 days ago) That is why many organizations have begun investing in Bitcoin and other altcoins, converting cash into Bitcoin as a more sound store of value. Another reason is the possibility of paying for products, software, and services in a fast and efficient manner, as thousands of merchants around the world accept digital assets, especially Bitcoin, as

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Crypto Spot Market vs. Futures Market: The Key Differences

(1 days ago) Crypto Spot Market vs. Futures Market: The Key Differences. By Bybit Learn. March 22, 2021. In. Trading. In general, a spot market is where the commodities are traded on the spot with immediate delivery. While a futures market, as the name suggests, settles the delivery of commodities and futures contracts on a specific future date.

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