How to Invest Your First Isa Morningstar

Emma Simon 25 August, 2021 | 11:18AM. Giulia Furlanello started investing for the first time a year ago, and has been encouraged by the 20%-plus return she has seen on her money. The 37-year-old

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7 Investment Books You Should Read Morningstar

(4 days ago) Investing Against the Tide by Anthony Bolton. Written by one of the UK’s most successful stock market investors (former manager of the Fidelity Special Situations fund), reveals some of the

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Investing: What is an Index

(6 days ago) Investing: What is an Index? Investors have benefited tremendously from the growth and evolution of indices, and their use in performance management can keep active managers honest

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How to Invest in Cybersecurity Morningstar

(Just Now) ETF Investing Ideas & News How to Invest in Cybersecurity The threat of cyber-attacks on companies and individuals has ramped up exponentially in recent years.

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Investing in Different Industry Sectors Morningstar

(9 days ago) When investing in real estate, just like investing in a house, you should consider “location, location, location”. Companies that operate in desirable areas will likely have different risks

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Investments That are ‘Too Hard’ To Invest in Morningstar

(1 days ago) Leveraged Investing and Indebtedness. A recent article in The Wall Street Journal noted that many wealthy investors are borrowing against their stock and bond assets as part of a “buy, borrow

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The Difference Between Saving and Investing Morningstar

(2 days ago) Investing involves committing money into an investment vehicle in the hopes of making a financial gain. Investing is different from saving because it involves a greater level of risk and there is

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Investing in Times of Climate Change Morningstar

(6 days ago) The decarbonisation-type of strategy, including Low Carbon and Ex-Fossil Fuel, has seen the highest number of new launches. Our research paper “Investing in Times of Climate Change” takes a

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Make Investing Interesting Morningstar

(1 days ago) Investing is supposed to be for the long-term, so you need a separate pot of cash that you can get your hands on at short-notice if the unexpected happens – after all, being forced to sell your

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The 5 Megatrends Shaping the Future of Investing Morningstar

(8 days ago) Investing in Global Smaller Companies Through ETFs. Small cap passive funds have the potential to boost long-term returns and they can play a key

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Investing in Small, Mid and Large-Cap Stocks Morningstar

(3 days ago) Investing in the shares of small companies offers a risk return profile vastly different to that of medium sized companies, and the largest of equities.

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What is Dividend Investing

(6 days ago) Dividend investing is simply a strategy of buying stocks that pay an income in the form of a dividend. This gives you a regular income stream from your investments, in addition to any growth in

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How ESG Investing Can Reduce Risk Morningstar

(3 days ago) ESG investing can be an effective way for investors to align their portfolio with their values. But ESG isn't just about values, it's about long-term risk management that affects all investors.

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How Does Value Investing Work

(9 days ago) The idea of value investing was coined by Benjamin Graham and David Dodd, who taught at Columbia University in the 1920s. Graham's strategy was to look for stocks priced at 66% or less of the

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What Investing and the Olympics Have in Common Morningstar

(6 days ago) Sport and investing have a lot in common - grasp opportunities, avoid mistakes and defend your gains. Yet, winning all starts with a plan. The Olympics provides a fun lens to look at this

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What is Income Investing

(4 days ago) Kemp: Well, income investing very simply is when the objective of your investment activity is to generate an income rather than long-term growth. And so, typically, that would be an immediate income.

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What's Going on With the ARK ETFs

(2 days ago) Actually, investors have started investing these ridiculous sums of money only 12 months ago when these trends became manifest. And so, they are – she is an old hand, if you want, regarding to

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4 Top Rated Emerging Markets Funds Morningstar

(4 days ago) Investing in emerging markets can be a daunting prospect. Despite being part of our daily lives, UK adults often disregard the idea of investing in businesses outside of their comfort zone

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How to Invest Like Warren Buffett Morningstar

(3 days ago) How to Invest like Buffett in a Nutshell: Don’t forget the first rule of investing: Don’t lose money. Know your circle of competence. Be patient and disciplined. Use the stock market wisely

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Why Invest in Bonds

(9 days ago) So, in investing, stocks and shares tend to get a lot of the attention because they're more exciting, but bonds are a great investment to have. In your portfolio, usually the way you would access

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5 Funds Full of Moaty Stocks Morningstar

(8 days ago) Investing for the long term is all about ensuring you choose stocks that will remain profitable for years to come. This is what Warren Buffett’s methodology focuses on, as well as many other buy

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When to Use a Tracker Fund for ESG Investing Morningstar

(4 days ago) So, for those investors who are interested in impact investing, so they want to invest in companies that make a real and direct impact on society, then active funds are the way to go.

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Investors Back ESG in the Crisis Morningstar

(2 days ago) Europe continues to dominate sustainable investing and is home to 76% of sustainable funds and 81% of assets. But interest is growing further afield, with 102 new fund launches in the first three

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4 Investing Lessons From Warren Buffett Morningstar

(9 days ago) Wrapping it up, value investing is a time-consuming and work intense investment strategy, but it facilitates long-term sustainable above-market returns at a comparably low risk level and also

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'My Investing Journey Began With US ETFs' Morningstar

(9 days ago) 'My Investing Journey Began With US ETFs' Investor Views: Novice investor Barbara Jones was worried about investing into the stock market, but her US ETF holdings have proved successful

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What is Ethical Investing

(5 days ago) Ethical investing is a considerably broader sector than many imagine. Traditional ethical funds – referred to as “dark green”, do take a very restrictive approach to investing, screening out

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Reasons NOT to Invest in Gold Morningstar

(9 days ago) A glance at the performance of the US stock market against gold since 1916 suggests that investing based on fundamentals tends to reap greater rewards. Gold is …

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Minecraft Fans: Invest in Mattel

(1 days ago) Black: Getting kids interested in investing is not easy, but one of the things that professionals advise is trying to link it to something they already know and love. So, whether they're a gaming

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Reasons to Invest in Japan Morningstar

(6 days ago) GROWTH INVESTING INVESTING IDEAS Japan SYNDICATE. The information contained within is for educational and informational purposes ONLY. It is not intended nor should it be considered an invitation

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Why Investors Don’t Like Emerging Markets Morningstar

(Just Now) When investing for the shorter-term, he suggests sticking to the UK market – it is cheaper, under-covered and -owned, and the country’s vaccination programme has been best-in-class. But for

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Can You Retire With a Million Pounds

(6 days ago) The 4% rule does lend itself to simple arithmetic: a 4% spending plan requires a portfolio of 25 times annual spending (4x25=100). If you know that you want to spend £50,000 per year in

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Star Wars Fans: Invest in Disney

(1 days ago) Well, our analyst suggests investing in Disney. Neil Macker: For parents whose kids love Star Wars, Disney is, of course, the home of Star Wars, but also Pixar Marvel and of course, the Disney

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Stubbing Out Tobacco Stocks Morningstar

(7 days ago) This includes making charitable donations, improving female and minority representation on their boards, treating tobacco growers better, and investing in perceived “healthier” smokeless products.

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2 Funds Leading on ESG Morningstar

(2 days ago) Recommended Stock Ideas Financial Education Videos Sustainable Investing Back to School Week . You have been redirected here from as we are merging our websites to provide you with a

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Which Fund Groups Lead on ESG

(9 days ago) Interest in ESG investing is growing, and that investor preference has driven asset managers to respond, in a variety of ways. Some investment firms are just getting started on considering ESG

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Is ESG Just a Fad

(7 days ago) Stuart: Absolutely. This year, we can't talk about ESG without mentioning climate change. And October marks a year since the IPCC special report on 1.5 degrees was released. So, that's the

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Will the SFDR Prevent Greenwashing

(4 days ago) Morningstar is continuing to monitor the implementation of the SFDR and its effect on the sustainable investing landscape. To learn more about the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation

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How Investing in Small Companies Brings Tax Benefits

(2 days ago) Finally, investing in an AIM ISA is another way to access small, fast-growing UK firms. This vehicle, a managed portfolio of stocks listed on the UK’s junior market, gives you all the tax

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Psychology is Key to Investing, says Nobel Prize Winner

(4 days ago) Kahneman, speaking with Morningstar behavioural scientist Sarah Newcomb, said that in in investing, research on behavioural biases can be used for good or evil. In the worst case, these biases

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Formula 1 Fans: Invest in Daimler

(2 days ago) Black: If your child loves all things F1, but you want investing to take pole position in their life instead, you could consider investing in Mercedes. Richard Hilgert: We're talking about Formula

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What is the Difference between an ETF and an ETP

(7 days ago) VIDEO: Rathbones Income fund manager Carl Stick talks about investing for income through a pandemic. About Author Gordon Rose, CIIA, CAIA, is an ETF analyst with Morningstar Europe.

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What to Expect From EU Taxonomy Regulation Morningstar

(2 days ago) So, there's going to be a bit of an information deficit to start with which will be compounded because a lot of funds would also be investing in either smaller companies which don't have to report

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