DIY investing → How to invest money alone [more safely

Working and investing online are two different things, though they do have some points in common. We usually think about working online or …

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How to invest in startups with little money (beginners

(6 days ago) Startup investing is one of the most fascinating assets classes ever, but the risks involved are huge. Another tremendous downside of startup …

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What is the best investment ever

(Just Now) Investing in real estate is a “classic” investment and also quite easy to understand. Just buy a property and rent it. All you need is that at the end of …

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How to invest small amounts 💰(calculator) online. 4 steps

(1 days ago) How to become millionaire? There are only few ways to become a millionaire and investing wisely is the main one. Among the various methods that you have already read a thousand times, there is an underestimated tool that hides behind a simple mathematical formula.

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7 [almost] safe investments to find peace of mind

(1 days ago) Investing in dividends means being a shareholder in large, stable companies that have been paying large dividends over the years. By investing in this way, I have to stop worrying about the performance of my stocks on the stock exchange. This is because I will count on keeping the stocks in my portfolio for many years.

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9 Compound interest investments examples [graded & …

(4 days ago) Investing in peer to peer lending means investing in direct loans. Returns are normally much higher compared to the stock market but also the risks are higher. Investing in peer to peer lending is very passive, you can fully automate the process. After the initial setup, there is not much to do but checking the interest flowing in.

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How to invest with October (Lendix) to make 7% profit

(9 days ago) For the businesses, the benefit is finding sustainable credit outside the banking system, while for the investing users, the main attraction is high interest up to 9,9%. Similar products can be: Flender, Linked finance, Smartika, LendingClub, FundingCircle. The best alternative I found so far is Flender, an Irish tool for business loans.

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Compare P2P lending platforms

(Just Now) If I am investing in euros and I want to go for the biggest and most affirmed P2P tool, I could think of Mintos (with a proper setup). Should I think of one of the oldest (older can be also reliable if it got old without dissolving) I think about Bondora (2009). Bondora can be challenging but very rewarding with the right setup.

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7 Europe best real estate crowdfunding 2021 what to …

(9 days ago) Some new investing platforms may look amazing and might promise stellar returns. Be careful. Higher returns can lead to more risky investments. There is no point in investing in a project that looks spectacular if it turns out that the website is a scam and the only thing it is trying to do is to attract investors money to steal it.

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How to invest like a digital nomad (and where to pay taxes

(4 days ago) Two options are available to those DN obsessed with real estate investing: Buy a property in a city where you spend the most of your time (check to the map below) Invest in real estate crowdfunding online. Check out the most popular options for real estate crowdfunding available for international investors.

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Real estate investment strategies [..that work ️

(7 days ago) Investing in a REIT is not exactly the same as investing in stocks. As an investor, you give money to a trust or company that buy and manage a bunch of properties. You will get a part of the dividends out of the appreciation of the property and from rentals. REITs are traded on most major stock exchanges.

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Airbnb investment opportunities

(7 days ago) Investing in apartments to rent is a widespread practice at all levels. In Europe, this is done by both companies and entrepreneurs, but most of all, individuals and families.

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Alternative investments and P2P Lending blog

(5 days ago) Oct. All I wanted to know about P2P investing is here. I am copying the strategies and…so far so (very) good. Mark9. What I like the most on this blog is that there are no ADS. Information is first hand. It is helping me to understand the process of investing long term. Marie F. I didn’t believe I was able to invest on my own.

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Neo Finance Interview / Review [my questions answered

(6 days ago) Simply investing in a single “rating” will include a fair share of sensitive settings. Extreme fine-tuning after all, is optional. Neo Finance is still small in number of investors but it is quite big in terms of loan mass (50 M€). In 2020 there are 10857 active investors with average 2715 € investment portfolio (higher than average).

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Long Term ETF investment strategy ⭕️[Wealth-Building with

(1 days ago) Investing in single stocks picking the best ones seems the best strategy. It is not. Dividend investing is the most common way to start investing for the long term, but it ends up to be quite dangerous. The dividend investor must be ready to balance the dividend stocks portfolio every there and then.

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17 ways to save money fast & enjoy the outcome⚡️ Take the

(6 days ago) If you have a project or want an automatic income in the future, I think you should aim managing your money and then investing as much as you can. If you run short of money one day (because you brushed away everything) well, this will affect your life anyway… and money will be your concern, again.

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Mintos Review after 5 years My 31.499€ experience 2021

(8 days ago) Investing in lower APRs loans can be also more sustainable and also ethical. I always filter out the highest APR loans (..also because I am a fin-tech nerd that wants P2P be sustainable). If I want the most of my loans to keep the “current” state, I may filter out loans that are brand new and never paid an installment.

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⭕️ Housers review 🏡 (I am NOT investing) risks and

(7 days ago) Before investing, take al look to the platform of cheadted by housers in Spain: afectadoshousers. 21/09/2020 at 18:56 . Reply. Sal from Revenue Land says: You are right, but it is also true that Housers is getting a little better now. Many bad comments are old and at the beginning many investors thought it was a risk-free investment.

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5 amazing personal finance tools to help you with DIY

(6 days ago) This is the checklist for P2P lending investing Click To Tweet. Click to download the free e-book. It took me a lot of time and effort to produce a streamlined approach to peer to peer investing . What is this e-book for? How to avoid deadly mistakes investing in loans.

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Estateguru review 2021 Avoid High LTV My real 11,1% return

(9 days ago) Real estate investing can be risky but what I like to do is to take all the measures to make it safer. So, yes, safer investing is possible even here on EstateGuru. EstateGuru is a large company with critical mass born in 2013. EstateGuru is currently holding …

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Mintos alternatives

(4 days ago) EstateGuru is as transparent as Mintos. I feel very safe investing here even if I know real estate crowdfunding, like every investment, comes with a risk. visit estate guru by yourself. Diversifying Mintos with real estate crowdfunding Crowdestate.

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Passive income from Peer to Peer lending

(3 days ago) Risk/reward in direct loans investing is difficult to understand deeply but there is a strategy. It’s where common sense and game plan meet. The smartest way to lower risk in Peer to peer investing is to not concentrate on a sigle loan, platform, marketplace. Spreading the risk on the safest tools, loans, countries is a good idea.

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Iban Wallet Review [⚠️Beware]

(6 days ago) Investing in loans and get 2,5 to 6% is not a miracle. If you think this is a bank account it may look too good to be true. But it is not a bank account. And it is quite shady. Read more about IbanWallet

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eToro bad reviews! Is eToro safe & legit

(7 days ago) Investing cannot be safe 100%. Period. So if you are new to investing and you think you will feel bad losing money or to see you investments go up and down, just don’t start. The safest way to invest is not investing money we can’t afford to lose. Investing is a process, not a one-shot action.

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⭕️ Bondora Review 2021 after 5 years [video-setup]+12%

(5 days ago) Just to get an idea, investing at 12% yearly interest rate on Bondora the amount of 10.000 euros may generate 1200€ per year approximately. Should I invest 50’000€ at the same rate I would be able to make approximately 6000€ yearly, which is a respectable additional flow of income in my opinion.

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Should I invest in Gold

(9 days ago) Investing in gold for the long term, i.e. buying gold to hold for years. Speculating on the price of gold, i.e. trying to sell it back soon at a higher price to make a quick profit. Either way, it makes more sense to invest in gold if you already have a decent diversified portfolio of other investments.

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Bondora secondary market optimization procedure How to

(3 days ago) P2P loan investing is very profitable for me and I take into account that defaults happen and are part of the process. I have to deal with it and focus on making more profit out of it when possible or limit the losses. I never forget that money has to work for me and what gives me power is the compound interest. Every euro stuck is not

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Mintos Auto Invest Setup in ⏱ 1 minute +11% [Best Strategy]

(6 days ago) No. Investing in loans on Mintos involves some risk. It is natural that there is a risk is associated with such high returns, it would be naïve not to realise that, but in these days and time it is still possible to ride the wave by taking the proper precautions and by continuing to follow this blog , I will let you know in due time if

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Is P2P Lending safe

(8 days ago) TOL is fun but nevertheless dangerous from an investing point of view. Building a long term high-yield portfolio can be (on average) much safer than P2P lending. On the other hand investing in loans is much “easier” than building a high-yield portfolio, if …

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Reinvest24 reviews + What is real estate equity

(5 days ago) The best aspect of investing in crowdfunding platforms is the hands-free mode. Once I’ve made a selection of deals they will keep going. It is not like bridge loans or development loans, where after the repayment is completed I am left with the problem of finding new loans to invest. This is very attractive for long term investors.

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Would you invest €1 million in Grupeer

(2 days ago) Investors are better off investing with Grupeer because they get the best of two worlds: Development projects; Loans; Besides that, the return on our projects is higher than many of our competitors offer. Our track record is excellent, we have a …

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7 Best peer-to-peer lending Europe 2021 ⭕️ ranked for

(2 days ago) Investing in loans is a rather new way to invest money. This is why it most investor want to know how safe is P2P lending. Different peer to peer lending websites offer different levels of protection to the investor. 1. Early exit.

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Mintos invest & access review [how to reduce bad lenders

(5 days ago) Invest & Access is a 1-click investing service provided by Mintos since 2019. It allows to invest in loans of many types and issued in many countries without complicate settings. The average return of Invest and Access from Mintos is approximately 10%. To activate “I & A” the users just have to set the amount they want to invest.

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⭕️ Bondora Portfolio Pro: How it works + resist temptation

(6 days ago) By cautiously investing through traditional means, I’ll probably have the opposite problem and maybe an entire life won’t be enough to double up my money, after deducting the fees that they normally apply. A good independent consultant might help me, but I decided to learn by myself. Here is how do I use the simpler Portfolio manager Bondora.

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How is P2P lending taxed in Europe

(8 days ago) Investing in Peer to Peer loans as a company can bring some tax relief depending on the country of origin. How to avoid / reduce / offset tax on P2P lending (..or not) Every country is different, but also some P2P products claim to work differently. Bondora Go & grow taxation may be very different.

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Bondora Go & Grow Review 6,75%* 🌱(almost, but NOT) risk

(2 days ago) Investing this way your capital stays at risk as it does with almost any investment. Bondora also says the 6,75%* yield is not guaranteed, but they are very confident with this calculation. They stress the fact that it is absolutely hassle-free and automated, without any management fee.

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Bullionvault reviews ⭕️ [Pros Cons Tax & Fees] Is it Safe

(4 days ago) Investing in gold fits perfectly into a long-term investment strategy and in more complex do-it-yourself investing strategies. How is Gold taxed? I am not a tax consultant but I have gathered some preliminary information on this issue. Taxation is a complex matter and it is always better to consult a professional before making decisions.

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P2P Conference: my experience ⚡️ Breaking news and recap

(9 days ago) In general, the crowd of investors was optimistic about the future of P2P investing and we all exchanged experiences, opinions and advice on strategies, platform selection and some risk assessment. Everybody agrees that the wise thing is to allocate only a small part of our total assets in P2P lending. P2P is a rapidly expanding market.

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Flender P2P review: Lowest default rate

(4 days ago) The aim is clear, the investing process is straightforward. I’m financing thousand of personal loans, car loans, mortgage loans distributed across multiple P2P platforms. What I realized is that I’m still under-exposed on business loans.

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Mintos Vs Bondora Vs IUVO Vs Estateguru [best comparison

(5 days ago) Investing in foreign currencies adds a layer of uncontrollable complexity to the already risky investment in loans. Loans in euros already make enough money and there is no need to be greedy. Pro & cons: Advantages: Old enough …

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🥇 Top P2P Lending Bonus and referral 2021

(3 days ago) Peer to peer investing, like most investments, puts my capital at risk, and as an investor, I am aware that I can get back less of what I originally invested. Distributing the investment on a very large number of “borrowers”, helps to reduce the risk but won’t reset it to zero.

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Best Mintos lenders How to pick the Safest Loan

(4 days ago) I am aware that investing in assets with a return hovering 10% is a risky practice. My thing is that I really enjoy taking risks when the reward is reasonable and in this case, 10% is reasonable. This is why I like Mintos and I am using my time to write about it today (instead of going to fishing).

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🔱 Mintos invitation code 2021 Vs. Refer a friend 1% ⭕️

(5 days ago) You started investing; So, where is the bonus? The extra 0,0% will be added to your account in three stages, after 30 / 60 and 90 days. NOT immediately. If you’ve registered and didn’t use the right link, don’t despair. You may still be entitled to open another account or open an account for one of your relatives using the button above.

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Terms & Conditions

(6 days ago) NOTE: The indications contained in this analysis are to be considered mere information tools and do not intend to constitute in any way financial advice, solicitation to the public investing, suggest or promote any form of investment.

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