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Investing in an avalanche beacon is a good idea. This device sends out radio signals that can help authorities locate you while buried under snow. Only skate in locations you know are safe; look for rinks, ponds and lakes that have posted signs indicating skating is safe; avoid skating on a lake, river or pond after several days of unseasonable

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(1 days ago) “Whenever they start investing themselves in recommendations, they have more ownership in it. It is more likely to get follow-through,” Russell says. “You have to work with what will work.” Off the flight line, the safety office stays busy as well. Managing risk starts long before an aircraft leaves the ground or Airmen report for duty.

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(3 days ago) The best thing to do for yourself is investing time in whatever helps you feel grounded, strong and better able to handle challenges. Exercise. Eat well. Get the right amount of sleep. Meditate. Journal. Get outside. Set a schedule. Do more of what matters to you and helps you recharge and resets your headspace.

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