Is It Prudent to Be Responsible

responsible investing,‖ or ―SRI,‖ is commonly used to encompass the type of investing the Article terms ―mission investing.‖11 A. Program-Related Assets ¶5 A charity may hold program-related assets to carry out its programs. A university needs classrooms, science laboratories, and dormitories. A soup kitchen may own a

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"Is It Prudent to Be Responsible

(4 days ago) Recent data show improvements in the returns of screened funds and increased interest by charities in mission investing. Fiduciaries must exercise care and judgment in making investment decisions, but mission investing can meet the legal standards that apply to fiduciaries as …

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(5 days ago) UNCERTAINTY OF INVESTING IN WETLAND MITIGATION BANKING . Elan L. Spanjer . ABSTRACT—In recent years, the wetland mitigation banking program has emerged as a favored mechanism for protecting the nation’s aquatic resources while allowing for economically beneficial development projects to proceed.

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Swamp Money: The Opportunity and Uncertainty of Investing

(5 days ago) Elan L. Spanjer, Swamp Money: The Opportunity and Uncertainty of Investing in Wetland Mitigation Banking , 113 N w. U. L. R ev . 371 (2018).

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(5 days ago) the modern investing landscape. Specifically, this Note proposes that the accredited investor definition should require higher income and net worth thresholds that increase with the rate of inflation and that exclude retirement accounts from their calculation. AUTHOR—J.D. Candidate, Northwestern Pritzker School of Law, 2020;

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A New Economics of Trademarks

(6 days ago) Everyone benefits. Investing in and protecting the signals conveyed by trademarks benefits suppliers and consumers. See generally Nicholas S. Economides, The Economics of Trademarks, 78 TRADEMARK REP. 523 (1988). See also WILLIAM M. LANDES & RICHARD A. POSNER, THE ECONOMIC STRUCTURE OF

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(6 days ago) the need to reduce health care spending, investing in nursing education now will be worth the future dividends. The demand for health care and nursing services will continue to increase nationwide as the Baby Boomer generation ages,16 and as health insurance coverage is extended to more Americans under the Affordable Care Act.17 Meanwhile,

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The New Chinese Foreign Investment Law and Its Implication

(6 days ago) 03. LIU - NEW CHINESE FOREIGN INVESTMENT LAW (DO NOT DELETE) 3/2/2018 11:54 AM Northwestern Journal of International Law & Business 38:285 (2018) 288 eigners, including citizens of Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, must invest and operate in China through special investment vehicles referred to as For-

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Social Institutions and the Crime Bust of the 1990s

(4 days ago) crisis by investing more in other institutions, most notably Director, Institute for Social Research, University of New Mexico. GARY LAFREE, LOSING LEGITIMACY: STREET CRIME AND THE DECLINE OF SOCIAL INSTITUTIONS IN AMERICA (1998). 2 r&. 1325

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Emerging Economies After the Global Financial Crisis: the

(6 days ago) Emerging Economies After the Global Financial Crisis 33:81 (2012) 83 rate of 4.3% for that year.2 Despite the knock-on effects of the European sovereign debt crisis and the government’s concerted effort to slow

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Public Law, Private Actors: The Impact of Human Rights on

(6 days ago) and avoid investing at all in countries where there are pervasive viola-tions of basic human rights. In February 1993, the Timberland Com-pany decided to end its sourcing from China. Two months later, Levi Strauss & Co. announced that it would end its relations with business

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Investing in China's Telecommunications Market

(Just Now) Investing in China's Telecommunications Market: Reflections on the Rule of Law and Foreign Investment in China Leontine D. Chuang* I. INTRODUCTION For two decades after Chairman Mao Zedong declared the formation of the People's Republic of China on October 1, 1949, China remained dor-mant in the international economic arena.

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A New Development in Private Equity: The Rise and

(6 days ago) for investing in entrepreneurial ventures. 12. This spurred the growth of venture capital limited partnerships in the 1960s. In 1969, due to an increase in capital gain tax rates and the diminishment of the initial public offerings market, the focus shifted away from financing new ventures to expanding companies that were already in the private

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International Convergence of Accounting Standards

(5 days ago) brought increases in the flows of cross-border financing and investing. Implications of events and transactions in international commerce and finance began to impact the domestic accounting environment. Where U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) once centered on

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(1 days ago) one stroke investing it with magical power. Nor does there appear to be any limit to the number of [pg2] norms that a writer may promote to the status of supernorm. Consider the gaggle of substantive norms, sharing in common their newly anointed jus cogens status, that have been

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A View from the States: Evidence-Based Public Safety

(5 days ago) populations and costs, while at the same time investing in cost-effective strategies to enhance public safety. Seen in this light, overcriminalization ought to be a subject of great concern to policymakers and the people they represent. This Article examines the challenges that states have faced and the

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I Came, I Saw, I Adapted: An Empirical Study of Chinese

(6 days ago) investing in the United States, this article fills the gaps. It contributes to the debate about the implications of Chinese outward investment by exploring a few basic but important questions—how Chinese investors perceive U.S. business, legal, and political systems, whether they would adapt to this

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Repatriating Tax-Exempt Investments: Tax Havens, Blocker

(4 days ago) enacted the subpart F rules to reduce the benefits available by investing in tax haven corporations. See Reuven S. Avi-Yonah, Tax Competition and Multinational Competitiveness: The #ew Balance of . N O R T H W E S T E R N U N I V E R S I T Y L A W R E V I E W 228

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National Laws Governing Commercial Space Activities

(6 days ago) began investing in commercial space development. In its early years, commercial activities in outer space were focused mostly on satellite communications, particularly telephone and television communications. More recent commercial activities have focused on weather and geological assessment, launching, remote sensing, and global positioning.

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