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Outperforming The S&P 500 By Trading The Top 10 Stocks From 40 Large Hedge Funds: Trading Update 7/11/2021. AAPL ADBE Georg Vrba Sun, Jul. 11 12 Comments.

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Investing Strategy Editors' Picks Seeking Alpha

(7 days ago) 1st Half 2021 Portfolio Review: (+$157K & +80%) Editors' Pick BBW KOPN Courage & Conviction Investing Wed, Jul. 07 19 Comments.

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How To Find Profitable Investing Ideas, Improve Your

(8 days ago) This article explains how you can find profitable investing ideas, improve your portfolio, research stocks better and faster, and track the news to find investing opportunities.

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Investing For Babies (Or: How To Compound) Seeking Alpha

(Just Now) Investing is certainly nothing for babies (as this might imply it is easy) but investing for actual babies is not so difficult. Starting early when investing for retirement (for example, when the

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The Four Ds Of Investing Seeking Alpha

(4 days ago) Summary. Investing is simple but not easy. Four factors determine your odds of success. I call them the four Ds of investing. This idea was discussed in more depth with …

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Viceni Investing's Articles Seeking Alpha

(8 days ago) Viceni Investing's Articles | Seeking Alpha. Viceni Investing. --Retired sell-side analyst with experience at multiple top-tier investment banks covering several healthcare sub-sectors. --Rated

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Investing In Innovation Seeking Alpha

(4 days ago) [Investing in innovation – the ongoing execution of new ideas that create client value - is a tricky pursuit and an enormous opportunity. There is no question that innovation driving change is

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The Emotions Of Investing Seeking Alpha

(2 days ago) Investing is as much an emotional and psychological game as it is a way of growing capital. Decision making can be shrouded by available information and …

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The Cannabis Investing Podcast's Articles Seeking Alpha

(2 days ago) The Cannabis Investing Podcast's Articles | Seeking Alpha. The Cannabis Investing Podcast. On The Cannabis Investing Podcast, host Rena Sherbill provides actionable investment insight and the

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What To Consider When Investing In BDCs Seeking Alpha

(Just Now) Investing involves substantial risk and high volatility, including possible loss of principal. An investor should consider the investment objective, risks, charges and expenses of a Fund carefully

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Chris Lau's Articles Seeking Alpha

(1 days ago) Inquire about DIY Value Investing at StockRover. Chris ([email protected]) is an Hon B.Sc graduate (with distinction) in Science and Economics with over 15 years in investing experience.

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Investing In The Post-Pandemic World

(Just Now) REITs, Macro, ETF investing Contributor Since 2010 Note: In 1996 Fundamental Portfolio Advisors and myself were subject to civil litigation by the SEC which resulted in …

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Preferred Stock Investing: A Simple Guide To 7% Yield

(9 days ago) With this article we introduce Doug K. Le Du, an expert in the field of preferred stock investing. For the past nine years, Doug has been researching and …

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Stock Trading Vs. Investing: What are the Differences

(7 days ago) Trading Versus Investing. The biggest difference between investing and trading is the timeline. Trading is a transactional process designed for the short term. You buy a stock, pay for the

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A 'Flywheel' Approach To Investing Seeking Alpha

(1 days ago) A 'Flywheel' Approach To Investing. John P. Reese is considered an expert in the systematic investing strategies of legendary investors, including Peter …

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Investing And The Art Of Cloning Seeking Alpha

(9 days ago) Vishal Khandelwal is the founder of, a website dedicated to helping small investors become smart, independent, and successful in their stock market investing.

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Could This Strategy Be The Holy Grail Of Investing

(1 days ago) Does the Holy Grail even exist?Internet is full of hype from people who claim that they found the Holy Grail of Investing. Make 10% per month in just 10 minutes per week.

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The Holy Grail Of Investing

(1 days ago) Dividend Growth Investing, ETF investing, Long/Short Equity. Contributor Since 2011. Serge d'Adesky was born on July 30, 1955. He holds a B.A. …

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Motif Investing Is Closing Seeking Alpha

(3 days ago) The other evening, I received some disconcerting news that Motif Investing is closing. This really hit me hard, as Motif is by far my favorite investing platform. Furthermore, its sophisticated

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Investing For Immediate Income Seeking Alpha

(1 days ago) By Treading Softly · Jun 27, 2018 · 9 mins to read

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David Ahern's Articles Seeking Alpha

(3 days ago) I have started a podcast Investing for Beginners with Andrew Sather of einvesting for beginners. This podcast features full-length interviews with beginners, interviews with pros like Ben Reynolds

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Investing At 60 Vs. Investing At 20: Why It Should Be

(3 days ago) The more wealth you have at age 60 the more risk you can take if you desire. The difference between a 60 year old with $1 and a 60 year old with $10 million is quite large and the investing

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What Is 'Quality' In A Stock

(7 days ago) The more time I spend investing, the more convinced I of the Munger adage, "A great business at a fair price is superior to a fair business at a great price.". I …

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In Defense Of Value Investing Seeking Alpha

(Just Now) Not a precise definition - there are at least three ways of value investing that are widely practiced: The academic way is to buy the stocks in the quartile with the lowest price-to-book or lowest

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The Cutting Edge Of Systematic Investing Seeking Alpha

(7 days ago) Systematic investing improves the chances of consistently higher returns through discipline and rules-based investing, unclouded by impulsive judgments. This is …

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Index Investing Vs. Dividend Investing Seeking Alpha

(8 days ago) Dividend investing advocates will tell you dividend investing is the best way to invest. Index investing advocates will tell you index investing is the best way to invest.

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Earn 10% Income With Options

(6 days ago) I focus on investing in dividend-growing stocks with a long-term horizon. In addition to a DGI portfolio, I manage and invest in a few high-income portfolios as well as some Risk-adjusted Rotation

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How To Be A Successful REIT Investor Seeking Alpha

(7 days ago) Summary. REIT investing, like anything else, takes a certain amount of skill, and it’s common to make mistakes when first starting out. Below, I …

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What Is Distressed Investing

(9 days ago) Investing in distressed securities means purchasing the equity and fixed income securities of companies that are either in bankruptcy or have a …

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Trapping Value's Articles Seeking Alpha

(6 days ago) Conservative Income Portfolio is designed for investors who want reliable income with the lowest volatility. High Valuations and low bonds yields have distorted the investing landscape and

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Dividend Investing Ideas Seeking Alpha

(9 days ago) The latest ideas for investors interested in dividend investing, featuring the best dividend ideas and analysis of stocks that provide equity investors yield on their investments.

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ESG Investing: What To Expect In 2021 And Beyond Seeking

(8 days ago) Summary. ESG started out from the traditional values-based socially responsible investing, so very much this predominance on exclusionary criteria and screening out …

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Investing: Computers And Artificial Intelligence Vs

(8 days ago) Investing in change - company XYZ produces profits of $150 million a year, but will produce profits of $500 million next year because of some catalyst or new product or new management

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