Small Business Employee Benefits Provider Surepayroll

As a small business owner, investing in your business by hiring new employees is central to growth. But it’s critical that you hire the best talent for your business, and our pre-employment screening options and new hire reporting will help you find the right candidate.

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5 Smart Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund SurePayroll

(5 days ago) By investing in yourself, you’re overall investing in your business which will hopefully lead to years of success. 4. Share With Your Team. We aren’t saying to spend your whole refund on bonuses for your team, but this could be a good idea to put a little money towards a small team outing or lunch. Getting out of the office for a bit is

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5 Ways to Save on Business Expenses SurePayroll Blog

(1 days ago) For starters, by investing in your 401K, you are lowering your taxable income, which means fewer taxes the government will take away from you in the first place. Additionally, think of the personal items you own that contribute to your business, for example, deducting a home office or personal car used for all of your business travel.

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How to Run a Successful Restaurant Business

(6 days ago) Given that labor costs typically average 35 percent in the restaurant industry, investing in cloud-based solutions can help. This is important for keeping your costs down and running a profitable restaurant business. Take the restaurant point of sale for example. Traditional, legacy point of sale systems could easily average around $10,000 year

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5 Effective Small Business Cash Flow Management Tips

(5 days ago) Experiment with different channels to see which is most effective in reaching your customer base, and consider running tests that are small in scale, before investing funds towards something that doesn’t work. 3. Renegotiate Payment Terms and Make It Easier to Get Paid. Payment terms are often a main culprit for cash flow crunches.

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How to Plan a Wedding in Five Minutes With Pyaari Weddings

(3 days ago) So stuff like that, I got into real estate investing and got into stock market investing. I was always looking for ways have side hustles and make extra money. Raj Kamaria: And I always remembered in the back of my mind when I took an entrepreneurship class, I think it was when I was a junior in college or something. They always said that the

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