The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham. FREE COMPREHENSIVE STOCK MARKET INVESTING COURSE – In this course I discuss the main factors that an investor has to understand when it comes to investing in order to reach one’s long-term investing goals. We discuss the economy, value investing, investing

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How To Invest In Stocks

(7 days ago) On cryptocurrencies and blockchain, there is a big difference between investing in cryptocurrency scams or investing in the blockchain technology. How to invest in blockchain? To invest in the blockchain technology you are looking at long term investments in companies like IBM. There is even an IBM blockchain page.

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Real Estate Investing 2021 -Crash Ahead or Inflation Hedge

(Just Now) Real estate investing 2021. We recently discussed Jerome Powell form the FED how they are going to let inflation loose over the coming years in order to help the economy as much as possible, or as they say it: to use all the tools at their disposal. YouTube. Value Investing

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Index Fund Investing Explained with a 150 year Return

(4 days ago) index fund investing. In this article I wish to discuss investing in index funds, discuss the 10% yearly return that Peter wants, how to get it from index fund investing and whether index fund investing is the right vehicle for your or not.

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(1 days ago) INDEX FUNDS Investing – NEXT Market CRASH WILL BE UGLY. Mortgage crisis Dr. Burry – Compares Index funds to subprime bubble! Dr. Michael Burry, famous for predicting the subprime mortgage crisis and for being impersonated by Christian Bale in the movie The Big Short, is …

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Should You Buy Railroad Stocks

(9 days ago) A great example explaining the difference between absolute value investing and relative investing is Buffett’s Burlington Northern business approach compared to how all other railroads operate and make investment decisions. (article to come) In this article on Buffett, Berkshire and Burlington I explain the key investing question an investor

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NIO Stock 3 Key Risks – Dealing With The Devil

(3 days ago) NIO stock investing conclusion. Given the NIO and the complexity created by the NIO China issue, the fact that the company will not be profitable soon and that NIO China will need significant capital injections in the future, I feel that the market might get quickly bored with NIO, especially if there are more ownership shenanigans with

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How To Invest $1000 – 6 Rules For Investing Your First

(8 days ago) The key when it comes to investing for the long-term to become rich is compound interest. Compound interest is extremely powerful, you just need the patience and right mindset to take advantage of it. $1,000 invested at 15% per year over 40-years becomes $267,863. That is the power of compounding. Now you are going to say that it is hard to get

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How To Invest In REITs

(8 days ago) Investing in real estate is like investing in stocks. As would Peter Lynch say, the more stones (stocks) you turn, the number of great investments you find will be larger. You can check my video on How to invest in real estate here if you wish to hear my views on what makes the difference when it comes to investing in real estate.

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Stocks Crash 70% And 76% Will Underperform

(6 days ago) Investing for the long-term is the key here and watering the flowers, not the weeds will allow you to get to good return. Keep in mind the volatility of it all, that will allow you to make rational decisions and actually take advantage of the market. Make the market your servant!

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Mohnish Pabrai’s Spawner Stocks Framework – How To Find 10

(6 days ago) Mohnish Pabrai Spawners Investing Framework Lecture. The investing in spawners idea is derived from Nick Sleep’s letters to shareholders which is next on my reading list so do not forget to subscribe to either my YouTube Channel, Newsletter below or Free Stock Market Investing Course to be notified when that comes out.. Comparing value investing and spawning + other paths to multibaggers

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How to Analyze Growth Stocks

(2 days ago) This is why investing in growth stocks is considered risky and why investors expect a high return when doing so. I hope this helped to increase your tool box when it comes to investing. It is a simple technique but so important when it comes to assessing investement risks and rewards of a growth stock.

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Latest Canada Pension Fund Investing Strategy

(9 days ago) This pension fund investing strategy is for a Canadian customer that asked for my help when it comes to her pension fund investing and the unfortunately limited options she has in her pension plan. This is the list of options she has in her pension fund: The options are really limited but you have to […]

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Accounting for investors

(Just Now) Investing is about having the right mindset first – that is why we always emphasize psychological concepts – and only secondly about doing relentless research and also having the skills to do such research. Speaking of skills, without accounting you are doomed when it comes to investing, you are practically gambling.

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You can retire by investing in the stock market – just don

(3 days ago) Value investing – Margin of safety. The easiest way to measure value is by looking at the book value. This is just the easiest as value comes in many forms but it will give you a good indication of what are the risks within a business. The price to book value of the S&P 500 is 3.43. This means that when you buy the S&P 500, you pay 3.43 times

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7 Things To Watch Before Investing In Gold Miners

(3 days ago) Investing is about risk and reward. I feel many miss the risk part when it comes to investing, especially in the mining environment. I discuss 7 risk factors that will help you avoid investing in the wrong miners. ETFs, with their mindless investing strategy, are increasing the danger of investing

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Food Stocks Sector Analysis And Investment Strategy

(5 days ago) The main difference between the two investing approaches is the approach to risk. With a margin of safety, you try to limit your downside but you also limit your upside on a specific stock. However, you are not necessarily limiting your total portfolio return. Buying stocks with price to sales above 10, implies a big potential for a total loss

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Barrick Gold Stock With Gold At $1,500, $2,000 And $3,000

(2 days ago) On the other hand, anything can happen but before investing one has to understand the risk and reward scenarios. For miners, with average gold mining costs at $1,000 or lower, the margin expansion if gold prices go to $3,000 isn’t as big as it was the case from $1,000 to $2,000.Therefore, the upside is limited compared to the downside.

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(2 days ago) Below the list, there is general overview of the industry, what are the key factors to look at when it comes to investing, the global trends where you can find opportunities. Waste management stocks list. Here is the Waste Management Stocks Google Sheets List for …

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Copper Stocks Investment Thesis (Risk & Reward = When To

(7 days ago) Investing in copper. Investing in copper is done through investing in copper mining stocks or a copper ETF. With copper miners it all depends on copper prices. But, each copper mining business is different and the key is to understand the sensitivity the stock has in relation to copper prices and other issues related to the specific business.

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(4 days ago) Amazon stock investing risks When it comes to Amazon, it is all about the growth rate and whether the company will keep managing to meet high investors’ expectations. We could say that what is currently priced into the $1.55 trillion market capitalization is a forward …

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Invest in copper, you'll regret not having portfolio

(Just Now) Copper investing environment. The thing with copper (COPX) is that the market is betting on prices going down in case of a global economic slowdown or recession. Given that supply is relatively fixed, any change in demand would be very detrimental for prices. In 2009 copper went below $1.5 per pound.

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Union Pacific Stock & Dividend Analysis (Good Business

(3 days ago) UNP stock investing thesis; This UNP stock analysis is part of my full railroad stocks sector analysis. Here is the: Rail stocks list with individual stock analysis; Rail stocks investment thesis; If you prefer enjoying a coffee and listening to the content, here is the video on rail stocks, article continues below.

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Apple Stock Analysis Explains Investing Risk

(4 days ago) Apple Stock Analysis Explains Investing Risk Up 314% in 5 years. In my recent Intel Stock Analysis video, I discussed how Intel reminds me very much of Apple in 2016 because of the negative market sentiment combined with strong cash flows. Unfortunately, since 2016 a lot has changed for Apple stock. Towards the end of the video I asked whether I should analyse Apple and discuss the stock

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Sydney Airport Stock Analysis

(3 days ago) This is the core difference between Buffett style long-term financial fortress investing and most others. Sydney Airport dividend. Sydney Airport has been rewarding shareholders with a strong and growing dividend over the past years but at the same time growing its debt pile.

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Nutrien Stock Analysis

(6 days ago) Investing, and especially value investing, is finding investments where the risk of things getting worse is low, which leaves the upside to unknown possible positives and long-term structural trends. With Nutrien, it is unlikely things will get worse because the company is a low-cost producer of potash, it has a good retail business and it is

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Flex LNG Stock Analysis – The Big Bet On

(7 days ago) This summarizes what investing in shipping means. But there are also risks. FLEX LNG investing risks. For a summary of risks, all well explained in the Annual report. The covenants on the debt explain the risk when it comes to investing in shipping. If those covenants are breached, ship values drop, the company has to put up more money and

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Berkshire Stock When Buffett Dies (Management Outlook

(7 days ago) Berkshire investing mindset after Buffett. Berkshire will remain with the same mindset at least over the next few decades while Ajit Jain and Greg Abel are there. Berkshire’s mindset is simple, but its simplicity and contrast to Wall Street makes it hard to understand for many. I think Munger’s 3 advice on how to live a great life also

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Kapsch TrafficCom AG Stock Analysis – 10% Dividend And 3x

(Just Now) As investing is all about cash, Kapsch remains an interesting investment idea. Also, the price to book value is close to 1 which could give a margin of safety but also at a price to sales ratio of just 0.25, Kapsch could also become a takeover target if the family decides so.

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Li Lu Himalaya Capital 2021 Interview – Value Investing In

(5 days ago) Li Lu Investing Interview 2021 – 3 key factors to start with value investing. 1:07:06 How to start value investing 3 key factors. 1) Always adopt an owners mentality. If you get 100% ownership of a company, then it is all about the business and not about the stock price. You have to think of a company you invest in as if you were the 100% owner.

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NorthWest Healthcare Properties REIT Stock Analysis

(5 days ago) From an investing perspective, given the nature of the assets I don’t think there is much risk for dividend cuts, so investors should be sleeping well with the 6.69% yield. If they grow FFO as promised, the yield might go up, up and up over the years. Therefore, with a growth rate of 5% and a yield of 6.69%, the long-term return from this

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Beijing Enterprises Water Stock Is a Great Dividend Growth

(4 days ago) When it comes to investing, it is about whether you wish to invest from an absolute perspective where it is likely you will get a good return in the long-term from this business or whether you wish to invest on a relative basis, where the stock can be hit temporarily due …

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Ams AG Stock Analysis

(5 days ago) Ams AG Stock Investing Strategy & Conclusion. The decline in the stock price is for various reasons, the OSRAM acquisition that hasn’t been seen as positive by many, the suspension of the dividend and the buybacks (used for employee benefits – not nice), the dilution and of course, the COVID crisis.

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Adidas Stock Is Better Than Nike, But Other 3 Factors

(7 days ago) Adidas vs Nike stock price chart – Source: Bloomberg. The better performance is because Nike reached its plateau a while ago while Adidas, likely copying what Nike had done already, managed to increase net profit margins from 3.3% in 2014 to 8.3% in 2019.

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