The importance of investing in employees Deloitte Insights

Cass emphatically asserts that the choice between investing in the workforce and returning shareholder value is a “false dichotomy.” Opportunity marketplaces, like any fairly designed market, are about mutual gain. To ensure that …

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Corporates investing in crypto Deloitte US

(8 days ago) Corporates investing in crypto. In 2020, more operating companies began allocating cash to digital assets and cryptocurrencies. This is a new dynamic and a departure from more conventional investing by funds and others in this space. One telling example is MicroStrategy Inc., which announced, last December, that it had made more than $1B in

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Investing in Technology and People Deloitte US

(5 days ago) Insurers can unlock human potential while investing in digital. Why now is the right time for the insurance industry to simultaneously invest in technology and people. Save for later; Access the full report PDF of Insurers Can Unlock Human Potential while Investing in Digital

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Alternative data investing

(3 days ago) Collective intelligence investing and the use of crowdsourcing platforms is growing in popularity, creating new growth opportunities and new risks. Our two reports explore sources of alternative data, its impact on investment strategies, and the challenges it presents in firms’ quest for alpha.

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ESG investing performance for investment management

(9 days ago) The largest amount of sustainable investing assets is in Europe, totaling US$14.1 trillion, followed by the United States with US$12 trillion. 4 While Europeans may hold the highest amount of ESG-aligned assets, much of the world’s recent growth in this space may be attributed to investors’ increased interest in the United States.

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Investing and managing family wealth

(2 days ago) Global investing and informational reporting As requirements for transparency increase, and various jurisdictions demand more information regarding investments and their owners, the family office may be required to assist with addressing the rules, registration, and reporting requirements related to the family’s global investments.

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Investment in Innovation Deloitte US

(8 days ago) Investing in smarter audit technology Advancements in technology and evolving market requirements are driving dramatic changes in business, which means audit, too, must evolve. Deloitte is at the forefront of this transformation, driving innovation through advanced analytics, next-generation applications, and powerful new approaches to audit

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The Rise of eSports Investments Deloitte US

(2 days ago) When investing in the eSports industry, investors will look for strong management teams that have a good understanding of the space and the vision and capabilities to further expand the business. To entice traditional private equity partners, eSports companies should have several years of strong financial performance to demonstrate the business

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A&D companies tick

(7 days ago) Investing in and implementing new manufacturing models, such as Industry 4.0 or smart manufacturing that integrate the physical world with the digital world, can aid in higher productivity, lower risk, and additional revenue. Many A&D companies are using advanced technologies such as Industry 4.0

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A Primer on SPACs – Risks and Trends Deloitte US

(5 days ago) Risks and trends amid a shifting IPO landscape. Special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) transactions may be considered as a capital-raising alternative to initial public offerings (IPO). SPAC transactions result in the private operating company (Target) involved becoming a public company. As a result, SPAC transactions require the Target to

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2021 Chemical Industry Outlook Deloitte US

(8 days ago) Too much focus on the short term, however, could mean that companies end up neglecting long-term opportunities, including investing in innovation, emerging applications, and adopting new business models that generate sustained growth.

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Health-Tech Investment Trends: A View into the Future of

(6 days ago) In 2020, investors poured $21.6 billion into digital health companies—more than double the investments made in the prior year, and almost four times the amount invested in 2016, according to the research firm Mercom Capital Group. At last month’s annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare conference, Deloitte led a panel of investors who offered their

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Alternative Data Adoption in Investment Management

(4 days ago) Alternative data adoption in investing and finance InFocus: Collective intelligence investing creates new rewards and risks. Alternative data from sources like social media, news feeds, and payments information could bring end-to-end benefits to investment management (IM). But do the benefits outweigh the risks?

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Reskilling the workforce to be resilient Deloitte Insights

(8 days ago) Investing in worker reinvention may feel risky to organizational leaders who worry that their newly reskilled workers will walk out the door, but that need not be the case. The effective social enterprise recognizes that key to success are the capability and viability of the workforces available to it, and its attractiveness to new workers and

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Corporates investing in crypto

(4 days ago) Corporates investing in crypto Considerations regarding allocations to digital assets 4 In 2020, more operating companies began allocating cash to digital assets and cryptocurrencies. This is a new dynamic and a departure from more conventional investing by funds and others in this space. One telling example

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Impact investing and hedge funds: A sustainable strategy

(4 days ago) Impact investing: A win-win for hedge funds. Impact investing can be defined as “the intentional allocation of capital to generate a positive social or environmental impact that can be—and is—measured.”. It blends the earlier concepts of investment screens and social selection criteria with the newer enhancements of intentionality and

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AI investment by country – survey Deloitte Insights

(9 days ago) There are many estimates of total global AI spending, investment in AI startups, and the impact of AI technologies on the future economy. 4 Most assessments agree that the United States and China are investing the most, with members of the European Union looking to quickly catch up. 5 Rapid market growth is evident, and our respondents indicate

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A Roadmap to the Preparation of the Statement of Cash Flows

(2 days ago) operating, investing, or financing activities, it does not provide consistent principles for evaluating the classification of certain cash payments and receipts in the statement of cash flows, which has led to diversity in practice. In recent years, the FASB issued ASU 2016-152 and ASU 2016-18,3 which clarified

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Taxation issues to be considered when making investments

(4 days ago) The environment for investing has changed significantly over the last number of years. In addition the application of tax to income and gains on such investments has also varied, in particular in the context of the rate of tax applicable. The manner in which people use funds to make investments will depend on factors such as the type of investment to be made, the length of time the funds are

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Family Investment Partnerships: Structuring and Tax Rules

(Just Now) Investing through family investment partnerships can increase the ability to centralize management and investment decision making, efficiently manage diversified holdings across several asset classes, and obtain economies of scale needed to access favorable investments and …

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Investing in hydrogen Ready, set, net zero

(1 days ago) Investing in hydrogen | Ready, set, net zero. 03 Hydrogen pathways 04 The cost of hydrogen Making hydrogen more attractive to investors 05 06 Related insight 07. 01 Executive summary Hydrogen’s role in meeting the UK’s net zero target 04 The cost of hydrogen Related insight 07 Contact us 03.

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COVID-19 Pandemic Shifts InsurTech Investment Priorities

(6 days ago) One VC firm urged insurers to seize the opportunity presented by the shifts in InsurTech investment priorities caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and to “think bigger. Don’t just digitize what you’ve always done and think you’ll automatically be better off over the long term.”.

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A Roadmap to Accounting for Equity Method Investments and

(3 days ago) vi Deloitte A Roadmap to Accounting or uit etod nestments and oint entures 21 2.5 Investments in In-Substance Common Stock 18 2.5.1 Characteristics of In-Substance Common Stock 18 …

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ESG and Corporate Purpose in a Disrupted World Deloitte US

(2 days ago) By Kristen Sullivan and Amy Silverstein. Even before the world was disrupted by COVID-19 and current events calling for a greater focus on social justice, corporate America was already at an inflection point with respect to its role in society, facing louder and more widespread calls for businesses to consider a broader range of stakeholders.

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ESG as a value driver for real estate

(4 days ago) In fact, sustainable investing could soon become the standard way of investing. In order to achieve this, real estate investors should ensure that the fund management is aligned with their intended positive social impact. At Deloitte we are looking forward on embarking on this journey with our clients to achieve a successful “sustainability

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Technology and Data Governance Deloitte US

(3 days ago) Investing in a way that pays back. Financial institutions are increasingly seeing the need for an increased focus on investments in technology and data governance that can provide standard-yet-granular and high-quality data to support financial stability, and help with …

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The impact of COVID-19 on investment management

(3 days ago) The Deloitte Center for Financial Services. The Deloitte Center for Financial Services, which supports the organization’s US Financial Services practice, provides insight and research to assist senior-level decision makers within banks, capital markets firms, investment managers, insurance carriers, and real estate organizations.

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Corporates investing in crypto Deloitte Ireland

(1 days ago) Explore these guidelines for the relevant questions, processes, and procedures supporting such a decision. In 2020, more operating companies began allocating cash to digital assets and cryptocurrencies. This is a new dynamic and a departure from more conventional investing by funds and others in this space. One telling example is MicroStrategy

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Common Independence Topics Deloitte US

(Just Now) Deloitte US Firms –Includes the following: Deloitte LLP, Deloitte & Touche LLP, Deloitte Tax LLP, Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP, Deloitte Consulting LLP, Deloitte Services LP, and their affiliates. Independence –Integrity, professional skepticism, intellectual honesty, objectivity, freedom from conflicts of interest both in fact

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Investing in the US oil and gas sector Deloitte US

(6 days ago) Investing in the US oil and gas sector Services for US inbound investors. Deloitte offers a multidisciplinary, integrated approach delivered globally across the entire inbound investment transaction lifecycle. Our experienced team of specialists can help your company make the most of its North American investment, with support through every

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Advancing ESG Investing

(1 days ago) sustainable growth financing and investing.17 The stricter standards now applied to sustainable investments may explain why the percentage of ESG assets to total assets shrank in Europe between 2014 and 2018 even as interest in sustainable investing increased.18 In Asia, regulators have determined that increasing disclosure requirements about

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The Hydrogen Economy: Building A New Future Deloitte UK

(7 days ago) Spotlight: Investing in Hydrogen: building a new economy. Hydrogen is a key part of the UK government’s Ten-Point Plan to net zero, with a goal for 5GW of low carbon hydrogen production capacity by 2030. Deloitte’s Daniel Grosvenor, UK Renewables Leader and author of a new report ‘ Investing in Hydrogen: Ready, set, net zero ’, and Nick

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CASE Automotive – Trends, Insights, Analysis Deloitte US

(8 days ago) The rise of mobility as a service. By 2025, private cars might become obsolete. With growing congestion along with innovative transport options, mobility as a service—using public and private transportation seamlessly and on demand—is gradually becoming a reality, says Warwick Goodall. Analysis.

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Impact investing A sustainable strategy for hedge funds

(7 days ago) Impact investing | A sustainable strategy for hedge funds As impact investing has grown, it has also gained definition as an investment style. Sonen Capital’s Impact Investing Spectrum provides a useful conceptual tool, which investors and fund managers may, for example, use to analyze their approaches to impact investing.

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Venture capital fuels health tech industry Deloitte Insights

(9 days ago) While investing in a diverse set of innovators—care management, virtual care delivery, diagnosis, disease management, and more—the common denominator for Optum Ventures is data and technology platforms used as a means to serve various care and well-being needs.

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Integrating ESG Strategy into PEI Portfolios Deloitte US

(9 days ago) For example, investing in a retailer requires evaluating the risk exposure to such factors as the company’s extended supply chain, the environmental impact of the manufacturing process, and data security practices. However, there are cross-cutting themes that affect almost any industry. For example, as the impacts of climate change intensify

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Investing in infrastructure Leading practices in planning

(Just Now) Investing in infrastructure _/HDGLQJSUDFWLFHVLQSODQQLQJ IXQGLQJ DQG4QDQFLQJ The Highway Trust Fund: An example of decreasing funding The Highway Trust Fund was established in 1956 to fund the costs associated with the US Interstate Highway System. The fund collects and disburses money for federal highway and transit projects across the country.

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Asset management firms: getting started with blockchain

(6 days ago) Six-step guide to getting started with blockchain technology. While the hype around this revolutionary technology is strong, asset management firms considering it for their business processes can take a deliberate path to getting started.

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Investing in 5G edge network infrastructure Deloitte

(Just Now) Investing today for tomorrow’s competitive advantage. 10 minute read 18 June 2021. Jack Fritz. United States.

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Invest in Ethiopia Deloitte Africa

(6 days ago) Dr Martyn Davies. Managing Director, Emerging Markets and Africa. [email protected] +27 (0) 83 459 8880. Dr Martyn Davies is the Managing Director of Emerging Markets & Africa at Deloitte and is the Dean of Deloitte’s Alchemy School of Management. Over his …

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Deloitte University Deloitte Investing in and

(8 days ago) Deloitte University. Our member firm professionals are Deloitte’s greatest asset, and Deloitte is committed to investing in them and developing them as leaders. Deloitte University is more than a physical location—it represents the global expansion of a different and better way of doing business. All.

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Deloitte ESG now – Enhancing Trust in ESG Disclosures

(2 days ago) ESG investing involves incorporating nonfinancial factors related to the environmental impact, social impact, and governance attributes of a corporation into the evaluation of companies and affects the allocation of capital. “People may choose not to invest in a firm that has poor ESG, thereby limiting its access to capital and raising its

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Alternative Data Adoption in Asset Management – QuickLook

(6 days ago) Others are developing unique insights through crowdsourcing (also called collective intelligence investing or CII), which may be less subject to proliferation decay. If your firm’s goal is to relentlessly innovate, you must remain at the cutting-edge of innovation in alternative data sets to maintain their alpha-generation capabilities.

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Report on Fintech Startups Focusing on Invest-tech

(1 days ago) These invest-techs are developing low-cost solutions for retail investors through community and crowdsourced advice and investing platforms. While funding touched record levels, annual launches have slowed to single digits from the peak of 81 launches in 2014 to only four occurring in 2018. Only one launch is recorded in 2019.

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Incorporating ESG Measures into Executive Compensation

(3 days ago) Sustainable investing has increased nearly 43% since 2018, demonstrating that the incorporation of ESG considerations into investment decisions has gained significant traction. 1 Many companies now recognize that developing and implementing an ESG strategy is more the norm than an exception and are evaluating how best to demonstrate progress

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Taxation and Investment in Germany 2017

(8 days ago) foreign companies investing in German property or acquiring German enterprises. Generally, there are no restrictions on the amount of foreign investment allowed, although some restrictions apply to investments in security-sensitive sectors (such as military weapons, other armaments or products with

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