Investing in the US oil and gas sector Deloitte US

Investing in the US oil and gas sector Services for US inbound investors. Deloitte offers a multidisciplinary, integrated approach delivered globally across the entire inbound investment transaction lifecycle. Our experienced team of specialists can help your …

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ESG—Demystifying impact investing Deloitte Global

(3 days ago) Demystifying Impact Investing. Where there are unmet needs there are investment opportunities. Environmental, Social and Governance investing is a new benchmark …

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sustainable investing

(4 days ago) Dedicated sustainable investing will more than quadruple in size, totaling $13 trillion in assets under management worldwide, by 2025. Dedicated sustainable investing represents an evolution, as these portfolios actively promote environmental, social, and/or governance

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ESG investing performance for investment management

(9 days ago) The largest amount of sustainable investing assets is in Europe, totaling US$14.1 trillion, followed by the United States with US$12 trillion. 4 While Europeans may hold the highest amount of ESG-aligned assets, much of the world’s recent growth in this space may be attributed to investors’ increased interest in the United States.

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The importance of investing in employees Deloitte Insights

(2 days ago) Cass emphatically asserts that the choice between investing in the workforce and returning shareholder value is a “false dichotomy.” Opportunity marketplaces, like any fairly designed market, are about mutual gain. To ensure that these gains advance strategic value creation, our research indicates that leaders from across the organization

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Corporates investing in crypto Deloitte US

(8 days ago) Explore these guidelines for the relevant questions, processes, and procedures supporting such a decision. In 2020, more operating companies began allocating cash to digital assets and cryptocurrencies. This is a new dynamic and a departure from more conventional investing by funds and others in this space. One telling example is MicroStrategy

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Alternative data investing

(3 days ago) Alternative data has become a valuable tool for investment management firms seeking alpha. Collective intelligence investing and the use of crowdsourcing platforms is growing in popularity, creating new growth opportunities and new risks. Our two reports explore sources of alternative data, its impact on investment strategies, and the

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Collective intelligence investing Alpha generation via

(Just Now) Collective intelligence investing: Alpha generation via alternative data brings new risks 1 In the early 1700s, the South Sea Company stock was part of a stock market bubble. One investor who lost a fortune in the stock later remarked: “I can calculate the movement of …

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Investing in 5G edge network infrastructure Deloitte

(Just Now) Investing today for tomorrow’s competitive advantage. 10 minute read 18 June 2021. Jack Fritz. United States.

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Guide for investing in Bosnia and Herzegovina

(1 days ago) Investing in Bosnia and Herzegovina | Deloitte BiH 5 Exports and Imports BiH is the 111th largest export economy in the world. In 2018, BiH will mark estimated 3.2% GDP growth, primarily based on growth in manufacturing industry, trading sector, real estate and financial

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GX FSI Monitor Investing for Social and Environmental

(2 days ago) 6 investing for social and environmental impact: A design for Catalyzing an emerging industry Two types of peril will need to be confronted explicitly to seize the promise inherent in the current transition for impact investing: the risk that investing for impact will ultimately be too hard and the risk that investing for impact will ultimately

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CFOs: Benefits of ESG investment Deloitte Insights

(9 days ago) [email protected] +1 470 362 6728. See less. While CFOs might wonder about the benefits of ESG investing, recent findings show that such investment does contribute to long-term competitive advantage. CFOs find benefits from ESG investing. by.

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Investing in trustworthy AI

(Just Now) Investing in trustworthy AI | A report by the Deloitte AI Institute and Chamber Technology Engagement Center. Artificial intelligence (AI), broadly defined to include the wide range of statistical methods and . computational technologies that enable systems to learn, respond, make decisions, and take actions

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Investing in infrastructure Leading practices in planning

(Just Now) Investing in infrastructure _/HDGLQJSUDFWLFHVLQSODQQLQJ IXQGLQJ DQG4QDQFLQJ The Highway Trust Fund: An example of decreasing funding The Highway Trust Fund was established in 1956 to fund the costs associated with the US Interstate Highway System. The fund collects and disburses money for federal highway and transit projects across the country.

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Investing in Technology and People Deloitte US

(5 days ago) Insurers can unlock human potential while investing in digital. Why now is the right time for the insurance industry to simultaneously invest in technology and people. Save for later; Access the full report PDF of Insurers Can Unlock Human Potential while Investing in Digital

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A Guide to Investing in Mexico 2019

(6 days ago) A Guide to Investing in Mexico 2019| Investment climate 01 1.0 Investment climate 1.1 Business environment The United Mexican States or, as it is more conventionally called, “Mexico,” has a population of 119,938,473 million, covers a land area of 1,964,375 square kilometers (1,220,606 square miles) and has Spanish as its official language.

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Investment in Innovation Deloitte US

(8 days ago) Investing in smarter audit technology Advancements in technology and evolving market requirements are driving dramatic changes in business, which means audit, too, must evolve. Deloitte is at the forefront of this transformation, driving innovation through advanced analytics, next-generation applications, and powerful new approaches to audit

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Exploring the new investment world of REIT

(9 days ago) Several foreign REITs have, however, been investing in Indian assets over the last decade Equity REITs Mortgage REITs Public non-listed REITs (PNLRs) Private REITs The majority of REITs are publicly traded equity REITs. Equity REITs own or operate income-producing real estate. The market and National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts

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Deloitte University Deloitte Investing in and

(8 days ago) Deloitte University. Member firm professionals are Deloitte’s greatest asset, and Deloitte is committed to investing in them and developing them as leaders. Deloitte University is more than a physical location—it represents the global expansion of a different and better way of doing business.

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Medtech innovation investments Deloitte US

(2 days ago) While large medtech companies depend on a thriving external innovation ecosystem for acquisition targets and new sources of growth, many shy away from investing in early-stage, unproven technologies. In fact, some corporate and venture capital investors are hesitant to make investments in medtech innovation right now.

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Investing in Trustworthy AI

(5 days ago) Investing in Trustworthy AI Emphasizing the benefits of AI applications to workers and consumers can increase trust in AI. 6 New occupations Saw the creation of new types of work, especially higher-value occupations focused on creating, managing, and maintaining AI systems. Safety Highlighted improved safety on job sites or in transit due to AI

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Impact investing A sustainable strategy for hedge funds

(7 days ago) Impact investing | A sustainable strategy for hedge funds As impact investing has grown, it has also gained definition as an investment style. Sonen Capital’s Impact Investing Spectrum provides a useful conceptual tool, which investors and fund managers may, for example, use to analyze their approaches to impact investing.

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Investing in trustworthy AI Deloitte US

(4 days ago) A report from the Deloitte AI Institute and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on trustworthy AI innovation and investments. Artificial intelligence (AI), broadly defined to include the wide range of statistical methods and computational technologies that enable systems to learn, respond, make decisions and take actions with increasing autonomy, is

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It’s Not Easy Being Green: Managing authentic

(1 days ago) Dedicated sustainable investing represents an evolution, as these portfolios actively promote environmental, social, and/or governance characteristics as a primary investment objective, rather than only considering such factors as one of many investment inputs.

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Corporates investing in crypto

(4 days ago) Corporates investing in crypto Considerations regarding allocations to digital assets 4 In 2020, more operating companies began allocating cash to digital assets and cryptocurrencies. This is a new dynamic and a departure from more conventional investing by funds and others in this space. One telling example

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2021 investment management industry outlook Deloitte

(9 days ago) ESG investing is currently the biggest fundamental change in the industry and has been in the works since at least the 1970s. 23 Over the years, ESG investing has progressed from being a niche offering to becoming a mainstream product.

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China factors A guide for investing in China

(9 days ago) A guide for investing in China Global Chinese Services Group May 2016. Preface For the last decade and a half, China sustained a growth rate of ~10 percent becoming the second largest economy pegged at $10 trillion. Today its domestic market lags on the back of pronounced problems of overcapacity in

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Taxation issues to be considered when making investments

(4 days ago) The environment for investing has changed significantly over the last number of years. In addition the application of tax to income and gains on such investments has also varied, in particular in the context of the rate of tax applicable. The manner in which people use funds to make investments will depend on factors such as the type of investment to be made, the length of time the funds are

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How Deloitte can help with Impact Investment

(2 days ago) How Deloitte can help with Impact Investing. The Deloitte member firms are uniquely positioned to help clients develop and deliver transformative social innovation strategies. Our experience in the impact investing space allows our practitioners to bring: Experience from “blueprint to scale”: The Deloitte member firms provide leading

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The Future of Retail Brokerage Deloitte US

(1 days ago) Emerging trends in retail investing. In January 2021 alone, roughly six million Americans downloaded a retail brokerage trading app, joining well over 10 million Americans who opened a new brokerage account in 2020. There are likely several reasons why so many new individuals have embraced stock investing.

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Alternative Data Adoption in Investment Management

(4 days ago) What is collective intelligence investing? As some investment managers increase their use of alternative data sources, they are looking to the wisdom of the crowd for potential alpha advantage. We refer to this process of generating market insights from online communities and crowdsourcing platforms as collective intelligence investing (CII).

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Private Equity: Structures for Investing in China

(9 days ago) Private Equity: Structures for Investing in China 1 Introduction. Fund The fund is a vehicle that is set up to receive capital from investors who acquire interests in the fund. It does not have any direct operations other than making actual investments for the benefit of the

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Beyond Reskilling: Investing in Resilience for Uncertain

(3 days ago) Beyond reskilling: Investing in resilience for uncertain futures. Reskilling is a frequently discussed topic in human capital circles, but as our 2020 Human Capital Trends report indicates, reskilling alone may not be a sufficient path forward. On this episode of Capital H, Deloitte’s David Mallon chats with Allison Salisbury, SVP of Employer

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Investing in Ireland Deloitte Ireland

(6 days ago) Investing in Ireland 2017; Get in touch. Karen Frawley Partner, Tax. [email protected] +353 1 417 2613 . Karen is a partner in the firm’s Tax practice and a member of the firm’s international tax group. She has over 17 years’ experience advising …

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The Business Benefit of Using Cryptocurrency Deloitte US

(1 days ago) So, if your company plans to participate in crypto, it’s important to think ahead, prepare, and engage in a thoughtful manner. (For considerations related to investing in crypto currencies and digital assets, please consult Deloitte’s complementary report, Corporates investing in crypto: Considerations regarding allocations to digital assets.)

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The rise of newly empowered retail investors

(5 days ago) Recent dynamics in retail investing suggest that there is an emerging class of individual investors with distinctive motivations and behaviors. Here, we take a closer look at the factors that contributed to the rise of these empowered investors and what they mean for financial institutions. Emerging trends in retail investing: An introduction

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ESG as a value driver for real estate

(4 days ago) In fact, sustainable investing could soon become the standard way of investing. In order to achieve this, real estate investors should ensure that the fund management is aligned with their intended positive social impact. At Deloitte we are looking forward on embarking on this journey with our clients to achieve a successful “sustainability

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Investing in cryptocurrency

(Just Now) Guidance from Inland Revenue (IR) has been fairly sparse, largely focused on employees, but they have recently released guidance on the tax treatment of investing/owning cryptoassets, as well as stepping up audit activity. IR has been considering whether transactions involving buying and selling cryptoassets will give rise to taxable income.

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CFO Signals™: Investing Through an Expected Mild Downturn

(5 days ago) Investing through an expected (mild) downturn After riding high through 2017, CFOs’ sentiment and expectations began to decline in early 2018 as expectations of an economic downturn began to rise. The decline continued this quarter, but there was a silver lining.

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How Invest-Tech Is Innovating for Millennials – QuickLook

(3 days ago) Investment managers are investing now in building relationships with millennials, keeping in mind the potential of selling other services in the future. Fintech firms are offering low-cost or zero-fee trading accounts via mobile applications, targeting millennials across the globe. The popularity of such apps among millennials is growing, with

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Perspectives on investment management by Casey Quirk

(6 days ago) Given the rapid growth in sustainable investing, clarifying a firmwide approach is critical to investors, regulators, and internal stakeholders. To carry out their ESG strategy, executives and investment leadership will need to evolve their investment process, organizational design, and data. Read the report.

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Property and Casualty Insurance Re-imagined: 2025

(7 days ago) and investing in advanced analytics can deliver the data-driven insights companies need to deliver the experience consumers want and demand. Advanced analytics can enable insurers to vastly improve pricing and underwriting sophistication, optimize claims processes, prevent and detect fraud, and increase customer acquisition,

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Power law investing

(9 days ago) investing Karel Volckaert Senior Advisor Econopolis Outlier gains and losses are the overriding determinants of investment performance. Proponents of classical finance dismiss these supernormal events as freak accidents and simply discard them from theory. They seem unaware that fat tails also have a decisive influence on the

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Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Bonds

(9 days ago) Explore the popularity of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Bonds and what companies are considering as they seek to promote good social behavior while mitigating the risk of a negative impact on the bottom line in the latest PoV from Deloitte Assurance.

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Alternative Data Adoption in Asset Management – QuickLook

(6 days ago) Others are developing unique insights through crowdsourcing (also called collective intelligence investing or CII), which may be less subject to proliferation decay. If your firm’s goal is to relentlessly innovate, you must remain at the cutting-edge of innovation in alternative data sets to maintain their alpha-generation capabilities.

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Technology and Data Governance Deloitte US

(3 days ago) Investing in a way that pays back. Financial institutions are increasingly seeing the need for an increased focus on investments in technology and data governance that can provide standard-yet-granular and high-quality data to support financial stability, and help with …

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Travel Contact Center Optimization Deloitte US

(Just Now) Investing some right back into human experience, such as through ecosystem partnerships or the technology for personal interactions with customers at scale, is a strategy that can help make the benefits last. Central to this is the knowledge that experience is a human phenomenon that can benefit from enhancements on the personal level.

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Heads Up 2016 Issue 23: FASB Issues Guidance on Cash

(8 days ago) Each separately identifiable source or use of cash will be classified as operating, investing, or financing activities by applying the guidance in ASC 230. 3. If the cash payment or receipt cannot be bifurcated, the entire payment or receipt should be classified as operating, investing, or financing activities on the basis of the activity that

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