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Chinese elite have paid some $31M to Hunter and the …

(8 days ago) 1 hour ago · Joe Biden’s brother, James, received over $1 million originating from the spy-connected Ye, according to a U.S. Senate investigation. Texts from Hunter’s laptop suggest Joe Biden himself


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Hunter Biden Investigation: Justice Department Right to

(9 days ago) When, as in Hunter Biden’s case, an investigation is ongoing but charges have not been brought, the only conceivable abuse of power would be a failure, out of political calculation, to file


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Hunter Biden prosecutor paused investigation before

(8 days ago) The top federal prosecutor in Delaware decided to pause a criminal investigation of Hunter Biden months before the 2020 election to prevent the public from learning about it, according to a report.


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Why Congress must investigate Hunter Biden - …

(1 days ago) Despite every effort of the Biden administration, the Justice Department, the congressional Democrats, and the propaganda media, Hunter Biden will end up …


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Hunter Biden did business with missing Heidi Planck’s boss

(7 days ago) MISSING Heidi Planck’s boss was closely involved in a business deal with Hunter Biden, according to emails found on the president son’s infamous laptop. Heidi, 39, disappeared in highly mysterious circumstances after attending her 11-year-old son’s flag football game in Los Angeles on October 17.


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The Hunter Biden story you haven't heard and why - The

(Just Now) Either way, it worked. The investigation went on, and the American people were none the wiser until December. The website also praised Weiss for outmaneuvering another federal investigation into Hunter Biden, run out of the Pittsburgh office, which could have tipped off the American people about just how corrupt the Biden family is.


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The DOJ Crookedly Handled the Hunter Biden Investigation

(9 days ago) We know the investigation into President Trump, which ultimately fell under the DOJ’s authority, certainly wasn’t paused for the 2018 midterms. Yet, for Hunter and Joe Biden, all “precautions” were taken. Where the investigation stands today is anyone’s guess because of the next point I’m going to make.


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‘My Son Hunter’ star seen coked up and passed out in …

(7 days ago) Leading man Laurence Fox is seen in lurid new photos playing a drug-addled first son Hunter Biden in a scene that shows him passed out after snorting cocaine off the breast of a scantily clad woman.


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Hunter Biden’s Prostitute Videos Indict His Father And U.S

(Just Now) By quoting USA Today’s claim that federal authorities were investigating whether the reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop is “disinformation,” former intelligence officials succeeded in


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Sen. Johnson releases findings of Hunter Biden probe

(6 days ago) Hunter was a member of the Burisma board part of the time that Biden served as the administration's point person on Ukraine, but he was not associated with Burisma during the prosecutor's probe.


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Hunter Biden's ties to Chinese businessman 'Superchairman

(Just Now) Hunter Biden became a subject of federal investigation for possible tax fraud from the U.S. attorney's office in Delaware beginning in late 2020. JIM BIDEN REFUSES TO ANSWER QUESTIONS ABOUT FAMILY


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Hunter Biden's assistant was former Chinese government

(1 days ago) 9 hours ago · Emails leaked from Hunter Biden’s computer allegedly show he obtained the secretarial services of a former Chinese government researcher, JiaQi Bao, according to a book released this week titled


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Biden–Ukraine conspiracy theory - Wikipedia

(9 days ago) The Biden–Ukraine conspiracy theory is a series of unevidenced claims centered on the false allegation that while Joe Biden was vice president of the United States, he engaged in corrupt activities relating to the employment of his son Hunter Biden by the Ukrainian gas company Burisma. They were spread primarily in an attempt to damage Joe Biden's reputation during …


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Congress must investigate Hunter Biden – and those

(5 days ago) Despite every effort of the Biden administration, the Justice Department, the congressional Democrats and the propaganda media, Hunter Biden is going to end up being investigated – and the


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Congress Launches Hunter Biden Investigation - They're

(3 days ago) Congress Launches Hunter Biden Investigation – They’re Probing His Latest Business Venture, Art Dealing . By Daniel Ottomire September 10, 2021 . Facebook. Twitter. What’s Happening: With all the chaos surrounding the Biden administration, it seems like old Hunter is flying under the radar. But he’s in for a rude awakening.


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Hunter Biden: What was he doing in China and Ukraine

(9 days ago) Hunter Biden, second son of US President Joe Biden, is being investigated by the Justice Department over his finances including, according to US media reports, some of his business dealings in China.


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The Hunter Biden $2 Million Dollar Scandal Isn’t New

(Just Now) Hunter Biden Scandal Growing Larger, Now This News is Shaking Up the Nation. With the wind up to the 2020 elections just days away, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and the whole Biden clan, are coming under more intense scrutiny. With each passing day it seems the alleged corruption and depravity of the Biden family, especially Hunter, knowns no bounds.


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Fact check: Hunter Biden under federal investigation over

(1 days ago) USA TODAY, Dec. 9, Hunter Biden's taxes under investigation by US attorney's office in Delaware USA TODAY, Oct. 17, A tabloid got …


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The Hunter Biden Scandals Judicial Watch

(6 days ago) Fitton argued that “by refusing to do anything significant relating to Hunter Biden investigation, the Justice Department, per usual, practically speaking took sides in the election fight.” As Fitton noted Friday, Hunter Biden was given “cushy jobs and special deals with the Chinese Communists and Burisma while his father was Vice


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Here's why the media isn't reporting on the Hunter Biden

(1 days ago) The allegation that Hunter Biden has traded on his family name has been thoroughly explored in previous news stories, including a lengthy New Yorker investigation last year in which Robert


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Fact check: Hunter Biden wasn't arrested by military at

(1 days ago) USA TODAY, Dec. 9, 2020, Hunter Biden's taxes under investigation by US attorney's office in Delaware USA TODAY, March 31, Hunter Biden says he was 'smoking crack every 15 minutes', more jaw


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Hunter Biden’s prosecutor rejected moves that would have

(7 days ago) The investigation relates to work Blue Star performed on behalf of the same Ukrainian energy firm, Burisma, that hired Hunter Biden to its board as its founder faced allegations of corruption.


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Report: Biden family scored $31M from deals tied to

(7 days ago) Hunter Biden arranged for two business entities, Hudson West IV and SinoHawk, to be set up with Ye and CEFC “to invest in U.S. infrastructure.” The Biden family coffers received $6 million from Ye’s companies. Through Ye, Hunter Biden also cultivated a relationship with Ye’s “emissary” Gongwen Dong.


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PolitiFact The Hunter Biden investigations: An update

(2 days ago) President-elect Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden is back in the news. Hunter Biden put out a statement Dec. 9, saying that the U.S. attorney in Delaware is investigating his taxes.


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Donald Trump Jr. Tries To Blame Looming Russian Invasion

(5 days ago) 2 days ago · Former President Donald Trump also denounced Ukraine — and was impeached for threatening to withhold vital military assistance to stave off a Russian incursion unless Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, launched a baseless investigation into presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son Hunter.. Hunter Biden was on the board of directors of a Ukrainian natural …


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As Hunter Biden FBI Probe Rolls on, Laptop Story

(4 days ago) Hunter Biden remains under investigation by the FBI and the IRS for issues relating to his tax filings which, according to The Associated …


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Pillow talk video shows Hunter Biden saying he lost laptop

(8 days ago) Engaging in pillow talk, Hunter Biden shared a story about once losing a laptop during a summer romp in Las Vegas. The president's adult son, nude and in bed with a naked woman, told his partner he feared the device was stolen and its videos of his sexual escapades could be used as blackmail, the Daily Mail reported on Wednesday. The video was taken from …


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Hunter Biden: Federal criminal investigation focuses on

(2 days ago) Hints of the investigation emerged after President Donald Trump's personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, helped orchestrate news stories centered on a laptop purported to belong to Hunter Biden and


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RCI's Hunter Biden Reader: The Investigations

(5 days ago) The federal investigation into President-elect Joe Biden’s son Hunter has been more extensive than a statement from Hunter Biden indicates. Hunter Biden said he had been contacted about a tax investigation out of the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware. In addition, the securities fraud unit in the Southern District of New York also


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For Biden presidency, Ukraine crisis offers a defining moment

(6 days ago) Mr. Biden’s announcement that he’d send 8,500 troops to NATO’s eastern flank – and potentially 10 times that many – in the event of a fresh Russian incursion into Ukraine is meant to be a strong deterrent to Mr. Putin, Mr. Kupchan says. But he adds that at least as important to Mr. Biden as Ukraine’s sovereignty is the wider threat


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DOJ investigating consulting firm tied to Hunter Biden

(6 days ago) Hunter Biden is currently under investigation by the Delaware office for potential tax violations. The Hill has reached out to Blue Star …


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REPORT: Hunter Biden’s Prosecutor Kept Investigation

(Just Now) A top federal prosecutor in Delaware reportedly refused to take steps in the probe into President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings that would have revealed the case to


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Trump's niece said it's hypocritical for him to complain

(8 days ago) His niece, Mary Trump, said he was being hypocritical, citing his attacks on Joe Biden's son Hunter. "His double standard is grotesque," she said, adding that Hunter never worked for the government.


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Will Durham Report and FBI Hunter Biden Probes Ever Be

(9 days ago) Hunter Biden has reported that he has been formally notified that he is currently under investigation for tax evasion by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware. In addition, Politico has reported that Hunter is the subject of Delaware and Washington probes into potential money laundering and questionable foreign business ties along with


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Hunter Biden owed IRS hundreds of thousands of dollars

(9 days ago) Hunter Biden, now under investigation for suspected tax fraud, owed a "substantial" amount to the IRS in 2018, apparently for 2017 and prior years when he was receiving regular income from a


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Hannity says contents of Hunter Biden laptop will 'shock

(7 days ago) “Of course, we all know that Hunter Biden is under a federal investigation for this international money laundering and tax evasion. We also …


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Corporate media largely ignore NYT bombshell on Hunter

(5 days ago) The Washington Free Beacon first broke the story in January 2020.. That is just one scandal in a long line involving Hunter Biden. Another involves a …


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Grassley Explains the Democratic Cover-up of the Hunter

(2 days ago) It shouldn’t take Hunter Biden to confirm that he’s under criminal investigation before the main stream press gets permission to report the news. It’s a complete outrage at the way the liberal media used its power to cover up facts relating to Hunter Biden and the Biden family yet ran story after story with false information about the


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EXCLUSIVE-Still No Investigation? Remember US Senate

(2 days ago) Naval veteran, Jack Maxey, visited North Carolina recently and talked about his research into the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop. Maxey, a former co-host of the War Room Pandemic podcast, reminded attendees of the NC event in September, as covered here, that he had delivered the illegal contents of the laptop to the US Senate Judiciary Committee months …


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Giuliani’s claims about Hunter Biden and the FBI get more

(7 days ago) The current federal investigation of Giuliani centers on his interactions with Ukrainian figures. Whether Hunter Biden’s purported hard drive or hard drives are part of that investigation is


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Hunter Biden Law Firm Tied to NY DA Investigating Trump

(4 days ago) Recall that Hunter Biden sat down with ABC anchor Amy Robach in 2019 and, when questioned about his qualifications to serve on the board of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, the younger Biden


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Hunter Biden movie promises to expose ‘crimes of the Biden

(8 days ago) Hunter Biden is facing a Justice tax investigation over, among several items, his work for the Ukraine gas company Burisma while his father was vice president, according to …


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Nancy Pelosi Loses It When Asked About the Joe and Hunter

(2 days ago) The New York Post reported today that Hunter Biden routinely involved Joe Biden in his foreign deals. He referred to him as "the chairman" and "the big guy." Text messages show Hunter Biden asking


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Grassley: How Much More Evidence Does the Government Need

(5 days ago) Today, I’m going to highlight a new Hunter Biden record that I’ve recently made public. Before I get to that, I’m going to take a trip down memory lane. On September 23, 2020, Senator Johnson and I released our “ Biden Report ” as it’s been called.


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Biden may be pulled into FBI probe of his son Hunter

(9 days ago) According to Fox News, Hunter Biden is being investigated for his finances. Joe Biden Could Become Embroiled in FBI’s Investigation of Hunter - Rumble. Emails obtained via Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop show that his business partner, Eric Schwerin, worked on Joe Biden's tax returns and discussed how the father and son could pay their bills.


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